Android 9 Name Pie: Android P OS Full Review
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Android 9 Name Pie: Android P OS full review

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Tech Giant Google recently brought the latest version of the Android that Android 9 Name Pie. On August 6, Google announced the new Android versions. This is the ninth edition of the Android family previous version was Oreo. Android Pie has a special feature of digital wellbeing.

Android 9 Name Pie

Google has always chosen the names of any dessert or confectionery for its Android OS name. And in this case, they follow another sequence, and that is the first letter of the name being named in alphabetical order for example – Jellybean, KitKat, Lollipop, Nougat, and Marshmallow. It has been decided to take something easy to name this year. So, keeping the name is simple, only ‘pie’ was chosen, said the leader of the London engineering team of the firm.

In the ninth edition of Android, the notification has been improved more than ever and a promise has been made to keep the battery charged for a long time. The new version has brought new ways of identifying how much apps are used in smartphones or tablets. There is also a scope to limit the usage level.

Google claims Android 9 Pie has been designed to make Android users comfortable enough. As a result, Marshmallow, Oreo has come behind the new version of Android ‘Android 9 pie’. This will be the next version of Android Oreo. Android 9 includes all the fun and innovative features.

Let’s see what new features of the new Android operating system “Android 9”

New Design

android p features

From a new Android version Android P OS, there will be major changes in the world’s most popular mobile operating system and interface design. It is using the kotlin programming language which will make it faster and smoother. Icons in the settings panel will be colorful.

Artificial Intelligence

android p features

Use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) or synthetic talent is increasing day by day. Machine computer programming is specially arranged and taken to the level of human intelligence and it is AI or Artificial Intelligence.

Latest android has added artificial intelligence for better user experience. It will make the user’s work a lot easier and smartphones make will be more attractive.

Update Notification

android p features

Notification alerts have been given the maximum importance in the new version of Android. The color of the notification panel of latest Android will be more solid and its functionality will increase. Pictures will be shown with any alerts, for example, a small picture will be shown to the caller.

If any content is shared, its preview will appear with an alert. At the same time, through the Smart Replay android p features, users will be able to reply to the message they receive from notifications. Users can send expected replies without typing. It is also possible to send images and stickers to the message.

Dashboard and App Timer

digital wellbeing

The new accessibility menu has been added to Android 9. Screenshots and navigating systems have been made easier for disabled people.

Google Dashboard

We all have fewer complaints about the waste of time on smartphones. To blame this accusation Google brought to another feature called is “Dashboard”. The dashboard is the first feature of digital wellbeing. The new Android version Android pie dashboard feature is basically meant to get rid of additional smartphone addiction.

Android p features will tell you how much time you are giving behind a feature on the phone, which app is high, which one uses less etc. This dashboard will show that you have used the 4 hours Facebook app today, watched videos on YouTube for 2 hours, or used 1-hour browser app.

Besides, the number of times that unlocked the stack of the phone and how many notifications received. Through the app timer, you can set the time to use a smartphone. Android p features will be off soon after that.

Android P OS Some Feature

 “Wind Down” is the option to reduce the phone’s lighting. Do Not Disturb mode features have an advantage of a silent call and notification facility.

Turn on this feature and you will not see any other notification in the works time. As a result, you can work without any trouble. During sleep, change the theme of the whole device to give a white-black theme. As a result, there will be less effective on the eye and help to sleep. Next morning, the white theme will be changed to a regular theme.

Also, there is a feature called App Timer. Android 9 features can be known by how much long time is spent on various apps.

Adaptive Battery and Adaptive Brightness

Battery plays the most important role in the smartphone and tablet. No matter how good the phone or feature is, if you do not have a backup battery, it will not take notice. In addition to the phone manufacturing company, Google operating system giant has focused on the issue.

So, the adapter battery feature has been added to increase the performance of the phone, as a result, it is being controlled by AI technology. Through this, it will be able to select whose apps use power and whose stop using back the power it can control itself.

As a result, the phone’s battery will last for a long time. Next is the Adaptive Brightness feature. Most of the time we use Auto-Brightness on the phone. But it does not work well when we are outdoors. Adaptive Brightness will control how much light the phone will have on the phone through artificial intelligence.

App Action

android p features

Android Adding a new Artificial Intelligence feature to the new version, That’s name is App actions. Every day you will see the suggestion of using an app on your phone. Suppose you use the Uber app while visiting the university or office every morning. The app will automatically open the app on your same time.

Not only this, it will start your mobile data to launch the app at a specific time. Or if you are in a WiFi area then app action will have to turn on the connection. Again For example, if the headphones are added to listen to songs on the phone, then the song that the user heard on the first time will be flashed on the screen.


android p features

Slice is another awesome android 9 features. Another use of artificial intelligence is through the slice. Generally, the apps that are most commonly used. The slice android 9 features will provide more detailed information about them. Going to Google, if someone searches for ‘lift’ (Uber’s ride-sharing platform), then the feature will show the potential for the previous trip and the time of travel.

 Suppose you went to a city unfamiliar, then you can book the nearest restaurant table using Google Slice. Or want to go somewhere with uber, but slice will tell you how far away the car.

Intuitive Navigation

This button will make your work easier. Navigation is a unique home button. This will show details of which apps you are using recently. These apps can swipe to see. By copying a number, the dial box will open. If you copy the e-mail address, the e-mail app will be opened.

Gesture Navigation

android p features

Any bar the onscreen to navigate Android pie and there will be no 3 onscreen buttons. There will be one bar, from which you can swipe upward to the overview screen again, you can swipe left in the recent App menu. Apart from this, the back button is given only to go back.

 Google says that the navigation bar “quick scrab”. But Google is not keeping it as the only navigation option. If you want to deactivate the feature from settings, you can bring back the three-button truncated navigation bar.

Volume and Screen Rotation

android p features

The volume slideshow has been relocated again. Previously Google has removed it. It is now arranged near the volume button on the right side of the phone. It is understandable that if someone comes to a new home, the new operating system will feel as it seems to new users. You can control the volume manually if the volume keys are handled slightly.

You can take the ringer through third party software and make it different. Your response might be that why was not it before? You can control your phone’s rotation is manual. This is usually the rotation control when a screen rotates with a pop-up icon. This will work when you turn on the phone screen. This will depend on your phone.

Design Changes

Changes in the coming of the device user interface to the welfare of android P OS. If there is a light swipe on the home screen, there will be many different pages visited before. It does not have to open the page and enter the app or browser. Swiping for the second time will show the most used apps below the Google search bar.

Artificial intelligence will be used to identify which apps or sites are used more often. There are also new settings coming in quick settings, screenshots, volume control and easy access to notification of app notifications.

Notch Support

android p features

Flagship smartphones are now starting to use the ‘notch’ display. In the continuation of the new OS, notch features Google brought. As a result, the new Android version will officially support the niche display.

Andy Rubin’s Essential Phone and iPhone 10’s notch at the top of the screen, the notch Android operating system will now officially support. It will start with android p apk. Although, many users do not like this notch or groove, yet Google is going to support it.

Support For Multiple Camera

android p features

Nowadays often these phones are seen, which have two cameras on the back. Two front lenses are offered for the selfie. But this extra camera facility is usually enjoyed by the phone’s default camera app.

But in the third-party app such as Facebook, Instagram does not support additional camera lenses at all. Support for multiple camera features has been added to the new version of Android P OS. The multi-camera API of latest android will eliminate this problem.


Latest Android version will support new “codec profile HDR V9”.lower sizes images showing for good-looking new android version added “HEIF” support.

Also, the unused/idle app will not have to access the phone’s microphone, camera, and sensor, manager sensor. So in the background, inactive apps (such as Facebook Messenger) will not have access to record your words from now on Android 9 apk.

Autofill Password

A regular online user means that you have one or more Facebook IDs, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Gmail, Yahoo, various websites, portals, and even bank accounting IDs. each account password type is a very annoying job. And for this problem, Android P apk brings Autofill Password feature.

Latest Android 9 versions will be better integrated with various password manager apps. As a result, you will not have to copy and paste different apps password again and again. It will automatically find the password (from the password manager app).

Indoor Navigation

android p features

Latest Android 9 version supports EEE 802.11mc WiFi protocol It is also known as WiFi RTT(Round Trip Time). This feature will show you on the network distance map even though it is like a market or malls. When you find your destination in an airport or malls, this feature will help you to reach your desired destination.

Security And Privacy

Anyone is worried about the first thing is security and privacy. Smartphones have now become a part of our personal lives. People also think of the security of the phone as well as security for the people. Google thinks about it, How do people think? What do they want?

So they are brought a new security system with Android 9. customer information Security and Privacy have been improved in the new version of Android. Encrypted technology will be used to store data on the Android P device.

This is our discussion with Android 9, you will give your opinion in the comments. Stay with us for more update.

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