Android Nougat: Android N Best Features
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Android Nougat: Android N Best Features

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Android nougat is a mobile operating system that Google controls releases and development. Android is the world’s most-used smartphone operating system. Google’s particular tradition follows the names of different versions of the Android operating system. Android 7, the English alphabet has used letters to name it until now.

Android nougat

After the alpha and beta versions, the version 1.15 as Cupcake then comes version 1.6 Donut, 2 version is the Eclair, 2.1version of Froyo, version 2.3 Gingerbread, 3 versions is called Honeycomb, 4thedition is called Ice Cream Sandwich, 4th Edition is called Jelly Bean, version4.4 It is called KitKat, 5 is called Lollipop, 6 is called marshmallow.7 is called android nougat, 8 is called Oreo, 9 is called Pie. Google’s Android operating system Android Nougat or Android 7 has already responded to the tech-world.

This Android Nougat 7 versions of Google has multiple window support, improved notification problems, number blocking options and many other benefits. Now we will discuss the android nougat here. Nougat features give to another experience it was presented below.

Android Nougat Features: Multi-Window Support

Multi-window feature is a most enjoyable feature.multi-window the function is useful elements of nougat.

Android Nougat

Through this feature, it will be possible to open apps supporting side by side in multiple windows. Besides, windows will be able to drag them smaller or larger. For example, you can watch videos on YouTube as well as chat on Facebook.

If you want to extend each window to a minimum size, this feature already looking for different OM devices, the multi-windows feature makes with custom ROMs on Samsung devices. But now Google officially releases the multi-window mode feature for android seven nougat.

Android 7 Nougat Notification Menu

There are two major changes in the new notifications menu. One is the quick settings where you can toggle the total of 5 quick options like WiFi, Bluetooth, battery saver, etc. WiFi, Bluetooth can be able to off-take directly from here. Long press the flashlight on the camera.

Android Nougat

Notification Changes have been brought to the menu. Notification menu created with the default interface. Supportable apps can be a reply from a notification. Think of a new mail notification coming from the Gmail app. You can reply and archive the mail from the notification.

If you do not want to see the notifications of an app in the Notification menu, a gear icon will be visible if you swipe to the left of the Notification. Disable apps from the gear icon can be prevented from issuing notifications.

Multiple Pages feature has been added to the Quick Settings menu. Where you can set different settings shortcuts based on different pages. This means that you can easily have 5 quick options and can expend large quick menus.

Android Nougat Doze Mode

Android Nougat

The doze mood feature is a feature that everyone likes in Android marshmallows. This feature has been further upgraded to Android N. The doze mode will now work in two ways doze Mode will be turned on if you stop using your phone a little.

Keep your phone in a pocket or inside the bag always enjoy the doze mode. The phone will go deeper into the hibernation mode when the phone does not use it for a long time. It will be possible to save data and battery.

Android Nougat Optimizing Boot Times

Android 7.0 is the advantage of speedy apps optimization and booting time will be less than Lollipop and KitKat. The first time an app is launched, its data will be saved in the memory so that the next time do not take the loading time to use it. To save data in memory, the boot will be faster and faster every time.

Nougat now allows you to select more than one language, you can set a language primary and as a second language, you can easily switch from one language to another.

Android Nougat

Obviously a bilingual android user and a lot of useful features for those who travel in many places around the world. On the screen you can decide how much information will be shown, using the display size settings.

You will find 1500 emoji in Nougat, in which the 72 Emoji is the brand new one. You can now express your emotions with emoji more easily. Your language to make you more attractive and alive to use emojis.

Android Nougat Data Saver

A new Data Saver feature has been added to the Android N.This feature has been added to Nougat to reduce unnecessary data usage.

Android Nougat

Through this feature, users can set up quick settings or data usage option settings which data will be used by any apps. Such as whether the app can exchange data manually, download large data automatically, etc.

When you turn on this feature, then all the background data sync will be stopped, and only some of the apps will have data sync on it. Certainly, unnecessary data costs will decrease.

Android Nougat Look Screen

This is a very important feature that will be available from android 7 nougats. Through this feature, you can keep important information such as your full name, address, date of birth, blood group, etc. on the lock screen.

Think of an accident where you do not know anyone, and you are seriously injured. This information will help you identify your identity. No need to unlock the phone to view this information. So this feature can be called is a life-saving feature. You can put your photo wallpaper on the lock screen.

Android Nougat Menu Cleaner

Such as on the Android phone a list of recently used apps is displayed in the recent menu. These features are also available in Android N.

Android Nougat

However, there are some additional benefits to this feature. Longtime unused apps will be automatically deleted from the recent menu. If you want, click on the ‘Clear All’ button and delete all the applications running from the list.

Android 7 Nougat Virtual Reality

Android Nougat

Android 7 is the first version of Android that has added virtual reality features. Users can use virtualized technology on their mobile phones.

Android Nougat Call Blocking

Because of the annoying phone call, users have to face trouble. Especially women are facing more problems with unknown phone calls. To solve such problems, everyone used to different third-party apps.

Android Nougat

Google has long been working to improve call blocking features. Blocking a number from a particular app is usually shown in another app. But in the new version of Android N, the call block system has worked more easily.

This operating system can be easily blocked on system level, like any other phone number, dialer, hangouts, messenger, and third-party apps. You can block annoying calls with a just few clicks.

 Android Nougat WebView

Android Nougat

Chrome and web view will be with one. You will get Chrome 51 apk version with Android 7.0. This method improves the memory usage of your phone and WebView uses less bandwidth to keep it up to date. You can select WebView by enabling the developers’ option.

When we are download or update apps from the PlayStore, it seems that when you download or update apps, there is no charge on the phone or there is no data in the cellular connection, when it is necessary to cancel this download or update. Now you can get this cancellation facility with Nougat 7.0. You can cancel download or update from the download notification panel.

Android 7 Nougat Keyboards

Android Nougat

The new feature is also being added to Google Keyboard. There are 16 keyboard themes in Android N. android 7.0 nougat users can use new themes, borders, colors on the keyboard. Users can also customize the themes themselves.

More Useful For Tablets

Designed specifically android7.0 nougat for tablets. There’s a table for it split-screen mode even real push for tablet-optimized apps, customizable nav buttons, DPI switcher, stock floating mini-apps. And the user interface has brought noticeable changes.

Fast Installed in a Small Space

It is to say today that any Android app will install 75 percent faster than the previous operating system and save up to 50 percent of the space. And this will be possible for the JIT compiler, which has been added to Android N first.

Android Nougat Official Website

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