Best Chrome Extensions Reddit-Top 14 Best Chrome Extensions
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Best Chrome Extensions Reddit-Top 14 Best Chrome Extensions

Today we are discussed Best Chrome Extensions Reddit. Google Chrome is the most popular browser for browsing the Internet. It’s not just a browser. Chrome can be a lot more. Chrome has many useful features and extensions one of them, which gives a unique experience to browsing. I will tell you the best New Google Chrome extension.

What is Google Chrome Extension?

Extensions are some small programs that can be replaced by new features or changes to the old functionality in the browser. Without the extension, Chrome is almost useless. Extensions bring innovation to the browser and make many tasks easier. So, add the necessary extensions to make your web browsing easier and enjoyable.

Keyword Everywhere

We often use various tools for optimizing the website or keyword research; Keyword Everywhere is a tool among those tools, which is available free as a chrome extension.

best chrome extensions reddit

Keyword Everywhere, this extension helps every online user with a piece of valuable information. Suppose you are an online Cheese Pizza seller. You want to know that most of Google’s search for Cheese Pizza searched. And how many people are searching for the average?

If you find that you can market or promote more for your exact product, to increase sales of that Cheese Pizza or product. But when you search Google, Google only shows you a result page, nothing else. How do you know from Google that how many searches are explored by this word or keyword (Google search or search engine, which you type in search).

You do not have to use any extra tool to solve this problem. You only have to add a keyword extract extension to your Chrome browser. It gives you an idea about the keyword’s CPC and keyword competitions.

How to use Keyword Everywhere

Go to the Google Chrome browser and search for “Keyword Everywhere Extension” Or you can add directly to the browser by clicking here. After adding an extension to the browser, you have to give an email, There an API key will be sent. You have to activate the extension by putting that API key in the right place.

Keyword Everywhere SEO Tool

Chrome Data Saver

If you find the best chrome extensions Reddit, Data Saver is a great Google Chrome extension, those who browse the internet on PC by purchasing internet data packs. Data Savings is a significant thing for them. If you want to save data when browsing in Google Chrome, Then install the Data Saver extension now.

best chrome extensions

The best chrome extensions “Data sever” compress the data on the web page using Google’s servers. It reduces data loss due to additional data. Data sever extension is similar to the Opera Turbo Mood feature.

Chrome Data Saver

LastPass Chrome

At present, we have to open our accounts on many types of sites for various purposes. Strong passwords are used to secure the account. The same password cannot be used everywhere for security reasons. But remembering this password is a big deal.

lastpass chrome

So use the LastPass Chrome extension. It will create a strong password for all your websites as well as remember it. As a result, you will not have to remember it. Whatever you need, the only one master password. As well as stay safe cannot be an alternative to save time. One of the best chrome extensions Reddit in LastPass.

LastPass Chrome

OneTab Extension

Chrome users sharing a common problem is that Chrome uses additional RAM. Chrome is so fast, stable and secure by using RAM. Each open tab in Chrome Increases the use of RAM, And the system is slow.

OneTab extension

The OneTab extension has to solve this problem. OneTab keeps your current tabs on the one side. This chrome extension will reduce the use of excess RAM, and the system will work at an average speed. You can restore tabs as per your requirement.

OneTab Extension

The Great Suspender

The Great Suspender is an extraordinary Google Chrome extension. Chrome uses additional RAM to give you a smoother experience while browsing the Internet, due to which laptop users’ battery charge ends quickly.

The Great Suspender

Generally, all tabs open in Chrome are active. For that reason, JavaScript or Flash pages are accessible, it continues in the background, although you switch to another tab. The Great Suspender extension stops all these interactive tabs. As a result, the open tab cannot work in the background.

The use of CPU reduced with this extension. You can activate tabs at any time according to your needs. By using this extension, you can keep your laptop battery charged for a long time using Chrome.

The Great Suspender

Chrome Session Manager(FreshStart)

If you are a well-behaved web user but need to keep several tabs open while using Chrome, Then this extension will be of great help to you. You may need to open several tabs while browsing the internet. Some tabs may be photography related; some may be gaming related, some news related, etc. With this extension, you will be able to open a group for these unread tabs.

chrome session manager

Suppose news relayed some tabs open, you can bring them to the newsgroup. Thus, all the tabs are grouped, and there will be no mess. This extension will make your browsing more comfortable. FreshStart has a feature called Auto Serve which can work as a crash recovery tool.

FreshStart is the best extension for those who need to open many tabs while browsing.

Chrome Session Manager(FreshStart)

Evernote Web Clipper

Evernote web extension is very useful, suppose you read something on a website. Now you think you need to save some things or need to keep a screenshot of any part of this website. What do you do then? Write a text file and take screenshots using various screenshots capture software.

best chrome extensions reddit

But Evernote Web Clipper extension you can save any text, website screenshots with the same if you want. And it will save online. So if you want to be able to share these text or images. If you want to be able to see the other computer or smartphone.

After installing the Evernote Web Clipper extension, you will need to open an account and it is very easy to create an account. Once you have opened an account and log in to account. Chrome extension on the right side of the browser by clicking on the icon will open a window like the one below.

best chrome extensions reddit

Best Chrome Extensions Reddit(Evernote Web Clipper)

Adblock Plus Chrome

Adblock Plus Chrome extension is very famous. Because many people around the world use it to avoid the add on websites. If you install this extension, then when you visit a website, you will not see any ad from the website. Maybe you can like it. But this is not good to use the Adblock Plus Chrome.

best chrome extensions reddit

Because the main income of a website comes from Advertisement. And this ad website helps most to keep up. So if anyone cannot see the website’s ads, then the website will not be able to profit. As a result, the website will be closed.

N.B: Do not misuse this Adblock plus chrome.

Best Chrome Extensions Reddit( Adblock plus chrome )

Grammarly Google Extensions

Grammarly is popularly known as a Grammar Checker Tool. There are no comparisons to online writing. Especially Grammarly Browser Extensions (It supports both Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome in browsers). Many people have already used it.

best chrome extensions reddit

Excellent this tool, such as Corrected spelling mistakes, Likewise, the inconsistency of the sentences and fixes properly. Grammarly can catch many things, including some of the most common mistakes, unwanted shortening, or unnecessary word use.

The Grammarly Extension is an advanced spell checker. It offers contextual spell check access and grammar Advice. As a result, if you are between it and it’s (and so much more) it will confuse you but it will help you. It also has a premium version that offers some more benefits.

Best Chrome Extensions Reddit(Grammarly Google Extensions)

Magic Actions for YouTube


Thousands of extensions for YouTube will not get anywhere like Magic Actions Extensions for YouTube. This comment is not wrong for you to prove that you can know there is a review of more than 110000 about Magic Actions for YouTube extension.

Magic Actions for YouTube

Music Identifier

Listen to a free song online, but the name of the song is not available anywhere. Also, the irrelative video has been put on, so artists are unable to recognize only by voice. This extension is for you to get rid of such frustration.

Music Identifier

How to use Music Identifier extension

Play the song to find the name of a song, click on this extension’s logo and take some time. If you have at least 5 seconds of lyrics and 2-3 seconds of music, then this extension can find out the details of the song. Use the browser in addition to browsing a lot more important work.

Get rid of this extension now and find out if there is any sound/song as you like.

Magic Actions for YouTube

TubeBuddy Chrome Extensions

TubeBuddy is an excellent tool for YouTube. Firstly it is a tool that allows a user to control his video channel. You can do video embedding easily using TubeBuddy. You can also embed video playlists using it. Through it, you can convert your video directly from a portion of the animation.

chrome extensions

To use TubeBuddy, first, you need to sign up, and by logging in, when you open any video, click the TubeBuddy icon on the right side of the browser, video details will show. In the last, I tell you TubeBuddy Chrome Extensions is the best chrome extensions Reddit for youtube channel management.

TubeBuddy Chrome Extensions

Video Downloader professional

Using the Video Downloader professional extension, you can install a unique add-on for downloading YouTube videos from your favorite browser. Then, while loading the YouTube video, you will get the benefit of downloading videos directly with all these extensions.

For this, go to your browser’s add-on option and search for YouTube Video Downloader or download using our link. Video Downloader professional is one the best chrome extensions Reddit in chrome extensions.

Video Downloader professional

Video Downloader Professional and you cannot download any RTMP protocol video through it which means you cannot download that’s YouTube videos who are not available in offline video mode. It is a free service.

Video Downloader professional-best chrome extensions Reddit extensions

identify best Chrome Extensions(WhatFont)

A beautiful font helps to enhance the beauty of any webpage. Suppose a designer likes a font from a webpage. In this case, most designers inspect the webpage’s CSS field to spend some time searching for that font name. But there is an extension in Chrome Web Store.


Which will help designers find out the details of those beautiful fonts, in less than a Nanosecond? After adding the WhatFont extension to Chrome browser, the cursor over any Web page text, that you open in Chrome it’s will tell you the version of the font name.

If you want to know about those specific fonts, then you have to click once on that font name as well as the detailed information such as font size, line height, the sample of other characters can be seen in this font. This chrome extensions Reddit extension help you.

identify best Chrome Extensions

You can tell us which one of the best chrome extensions you prefer, or any best chrome extensions Reddit you use, through the comment box below. Also, do not forget to tell us any more good chrome extensions. Do you think we should have more chrome extensions in this list? Then let us know and comment. Do not forget to inform you that any Google extensions are extraordinary.

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