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Best Music Apps for Android Free Download

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Best music apps for android is our discussion topic today. Before coming to the Smartphone, we could only call and receive phone calls and send SMS. But after coming to the smartphone, there is a lot to do now on the mobile. In particular, we can do taking photos, listening to audio and video songs, internet browsing, and HD gaming on smartphones.

However, we all hear music on the smartphone by choice. Android’s music player and Google’s “Google Play Music” app are available to enjoy music on Android smartphones. But if you to want, you can easily try any of the other best music apps where you might get better performance and taste than a stock music player.

It’s a lot of trouble work to find out which the good is and best music apps for Android In millions of Android applications. After reading today’s post, you will find nowhere else on the Android Music app. Let’s watch which the music app in today’s discussion.

Google Play Music

Google Play Music is the most commonly installed app in recent Android versions such as KitKat 4.4 and up to the updated versions. Older versions of Android had to use this app through the installation of the Google Play Store. This app is relatively good from all other music apps.

Google Play Music

It can play offline music, and when it is installing on your smartphones. It can save you like your mobile’s internal storage and SD card album, and it has the advantage of adding new songs. To add new songs, you can download any song by logging in with your Google account.

Some Feature of The Google Best Music App

One of the exciting features is that it automatically shows favorite songs for adding new songs. Besides the selection of songs, there is an option to select which song will play after the next song. It’s also a Google app so you can easily add it to other applications like Google Drive. One of the most popular features of this music player is that you can store over 50,000 songs in your music collection.

  • Add your iTunes music to add Google Play.
  • Easily upload new songs with drag and drop.
  • Download free and purchased songs facility.
  • Control playback with the mini music player.
  • Upload up to 50,000 songs from a personal music collection.
  • Access to over 35 million songs.

(N.B free in the U.S.A and Canada requires subscription)

Google Play Music

Deezer Music

Are you looking for the best music apps on android that will help you listen to music online instantly? So that app is appropriate for you. Deezer is an online streaming best music app for android where the vast number of songs and you can listen to any radio channel you like.

Best Music Apps for Android Free Download 1

Also here you can listen to the tracks at the top. Follow your favorite artist and listen to his hit songs from here. You can create and customize a playlist according to your choice. Apart from this, you can save mobile data through the app, and you can use the app with great pleasure without wifi.

Deezer Music has over 53 million songs. Deezer Music Apps will not disappoint you if you want to find the best app for downloading and listening to the latest music. Explore the charts you like and enjoy all the great music.

Deezer Music Main Feature.

  • The best Music streaming app with global hits and best podcasts.
  • Fifty-three million music tracks ready to listen.
  • Get personalized guidance and find out more with Flow.
  • You can create playlists you like.
  • Opportunity to choose a different playlist by Different Artist or Genre.
  • There are advantages to sharing playlists or tracks.

In-App Purchases offer Deezer Music.

  • Deezer Music Premium plan $12.99.
  • Deezer Premium+ Brazil $4.99.
  • Deezer Family $17.99
  • Deezer Premium+ South Africa $3.99.
Deezer Music

SoundCloud Music

SoundCloud App the preferred site for music listening. It plays a far more active role in preserving the song than other online Android music apps. It gives a lot of features.

soundcloud music

One of the most important features is to choose which songs are going on Popular. That social platform where you can create your songs and upload for your friends and followers. The high platform where you can show your identity in front of the audience and share your tunes.

To use the SoundCloud you have to need a Facebook, Google account or email address. Then you can listen to any of the songs by visiting the SoundCloud website and downloading a SoundCloud app on your smartphone. But SoundCloud’s Music Library is a little smaller than the other music app. So you cannot get all your desire songs here.

The SoundCloud is mainly special for that, and if you search any song here, you will not only get the artist’s songs, Rather, you will find many more covers, remakes, and much more than having sung other talented artists whose names you have not heard before. If you cannot see the leading artist’s song, these covers and remakes will be available there. So discovering new song SoundCloud is the best music app.

Soundcloud Main Feature.

  • SOUNDCLOUD trial offer.
  • One hundred twenty million songs from famous and emerging artists.
  • Suggesting songs by tracking your preference.
  • Music searching option.
soundcloud music

Spotify Music

Spotify Music is the world’s most famous and most premium music streaming platform. The top spot of the music streaming with 75 million subscribers around the world is Spotify. Through which you can listen to songs not only on mobile or it’s working on computers too. The app’s features are excellent, and it has a great playlist. Also, if you want to listen to songs with the Wifi, You can select the Playlist in this app.

spotify app

With this app, you can save video songs and see them in the future without the internet. The app works very quickly and advises you to listen to new songs. The sound quality of the app is very nice, and the app allows you to do some good experiences. This excellent Android app will give you unlimited songs and unlimited radio streaming.

You can use the Spotify Music Platform for free for 30 days. Then you have to pay premium subscription charges. There is no advertisement in the premium plan. Gives a chance to save songs on your phone and instead lets you select your favorite songs instead of switching to the playlist.

Spotify Best Music App Main Features

  • At the moment, this app has 96 million songs collections.
  • Free on the mobile, tablet or your computer.
  • Better sound quality.
  • Listen offline at any time.
spotify app

YouTube Music

Google is coming with its new music streaming service YouTube Music that will compete with services like Spotify, Tidal or Apple Music. At present Google’s audio streaming service will occupy Google Play Music. Subscribers will receive much more exclusive video content, including original songs, covers, and live performances, on YouTube music, which not be available on any other site.

spotify app

Google Play Music Services will also be merged with it, which will allow you to enjoy audio content as well as video. At the same time, people who are receiving Play Music service will be given a YouTube Music Premium account. YouTube premium streaming service YouTube Red will be renamed to YouTube premium.

Using YouTube’s Assistant and Artificial Intelligence, YouTube can reuse music according to the users’ habit and location. Google says it’s ” deeply Personalized Experience.”

YouTube Music Price

Free and premium for customers, the two types of subscription options will keep YouTube Music. Advertisement is available in the free choice. The premium version will be free of advertisement, and this will cost a monthly fee of $ 9.99. For new subscribers, the price of YouTube premium is $ 11.99, and the current subscribers will be able to continue using them for a fee of $ 9.99 per month. Both types of subscribers get YouTube music access.

YouTube Music Main Feature

Like YouTube Red, new YouTube Premium Music customers will play music or video in the background. Download your favorite on the offline Mixtape feature or let us do it for you.

YouTube Music

Pandora Radio

On 2000, the world’s leading music and podcast technology company Pandora launched Pandora Radio service. Nearly per month, 70 million users enjoy the Pandora Radio podcasts. The largest music streaming provider in the USA is Pandora radio.

pandora radio

You can stay connected with the 2000 podcast with your mobile Pandora Radio app, or web. Pandora Radio is a cross-platform free music app. Pandora radio is a powerful music platform where the artists find the fan and the fan find desired music they love to listen.

How to Use Pandora Radio

To access the Pandora apk , log in with your e-mail address. If you do not have an account, you can sign up with an email address and open an account. Pandora will give you a radio station that allows you to listen to your favorite songs. Here you can find your favorite artist, genre, track and you can open your station with your favorite artist, genre, and track.

Pandora Main Radio feature

  • Search bar and play your Desirable songs, albums, podcasts, and playlists.
  • Create your own playlists.
  • Download facility for offline music listening.
  • High-quality audio, ad-free music, many skips, and replays.

However, the benefits you will receive only the premium features. Pandora Premium $ 9.99 for month and Pandora Plus $ 4.99 for a month.

pandora radio

Tidal Music

Tidal is a subscription-based music, podcast, and video streaming service that was launched in 2014 by Aspiro Company. This music app you will get 60 million tracks and 240000 music videos. Tidal is one of the most popular among musicians and artists in the music industry because only Tidal offers the highest amount of reality.

Tidal Music

If you want to use Tidal, You can use your Facebook, Twitter or any email address. When you log in to the Tidal, it will suggest you top charts track you have do not need to search Top Charts track for listening. Tidal is the best music app because there are 10 million Tidal only one Android users all around the world.

Tidal Best Music Apps Main Feature

  • You can use Tidal if anywhere any device.
  • High-quality Track.
  • All favorite music and artists.
  • Import your desire Playlists.
  • Exclusive music, podcast, and video.

You have to take the premium plan to get all the features. TIDAL PREMIUM $12.99, TIDAL HIFI $25.99.

Tidal Music

Amazon Music

This is the Music Streaming and Music store Service of Amazon. Public launched on September 25, 2007, but started its first music sell in 2008. Amazon music the cross-platform music streaming service its work on any devices. Amazon Music Store contains 180000 Artists 291 million Tracks.

Amazon Music

Using Amazon Music apps gets an unlimited ad-free song with unlimited skips. Now listen to your favorite songs from 50 million songs. You will not get it free, but you will get it 30 days trial version. You cannot upload any of your audio files here. But it’s Amazing eco Family Friendly feature will fascinate you.

Main Feature of Amazon Music

  • Latest hit song.
  • Unlimited music Access.
  • Ad-free listening, Offline listening, Skips.
  • 30 days of free trial.
Amazon Music


The app has an unlimited number of music lists, and one of the reasons for its popularity is that the app is free from irrelevant ads. If you consider high sound quality aspects, it is also the best, Why not, it will never disappoint you high sound quality. If you have a small child, then you can listen to the song with this app because it has an attractive and safe Napster KIDS feature.


The most interesting feature of this app is that you can use it on any type of device. And of course, this app will also help you listen to music without any internet connection.

Napster Main Feature

  • Ads free, instant song play.
  • Large music library.
  • Create playlist your own test.
  • Streaming any device.


The TuneIn application was as a featured application in few days in the Google Play Store. Its popularity has increased so much that the Google Play Store itself suggests using this application for music streaming. Opening in the TuneIn application, you can find it first the facility to find out the station.


First, you will find a section called Local where you can find local radio stations. You can also discover the list of all the radio stations that are just streaming online. By country, according to language, you can find new radio stations in different ways. And from the list of these huge stations, which stations you like, you can easily add them as favorites.

Tunein Main Feature

  • NFL, MLB, NBA and NHL, College Football, Baseball, Basketball, sports talk ESPN and more podcast.
  • Commercial free song.
  • 100,000+ free AM & FM radio stations.

Discussed with these apps, you can listen to music online. Nowadays, almost all Android devices have a music app, but these apps will listen to your online songs at another level. So now you can install one of these from the Google Play Store. Do not forget to tell us which music app you liked most, by commenting!

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