Best Video Editing App -Top 10 Free Video Editor
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Best Video Editing App -Top 10 Free Video Editor

Best Video Editing App need for editing dramas or movies. Video editing is a weighty job for any device. Video Editing is that lower quality video will make it more beautiful. There are many kinds of free video editor.

Nowadays, everyone likes to choose a smartphone as well as for video editing, but all the best video editor app of the mobile are nothing compared to computers. Because video editing is not a very easy job, It requires a proper specification for the device. It is not yet possible to provide a good quality video editing from a smartphone. But after that, it is possible to edit a good quality video on a mobile phone.

To edit any video, we have to learn how to use good quality software or app. There are many types of best video editing app are available in Google Play Store, But whose one works best from here and whose one video editing apps can help the most, so many people are hesitant about it. But in the low limit, there are a few good quality video editors on the playstore to make a video editing.

Today’s discussion of the some Best Video Editing App of the android phone on playstore, So let’s talk about the best video editor for Android mobile.

Vivavideo Video Editor

Video editing is possible on the smartphones as well as a computer through the video editor app. However, Best video editing apps find to hard. In this case, the ‘viva video app’ can be to reduce the difficulty of finding useful video editing apps. Video Editing a lot of comfort with the Android video editor.


vivavideo apk is one of the Best Video Editing App, photo slideshow maker and movie editing apps for android. You can easily create a Professional looking Video with VivaVideo just a few taps. Not only video editing, but there are also excellent video cameras available in this app. As a result, recorded video easy to edit with these apps.

VivaVideo has 200 million users worldwide, proving that it is a Best Video Editing Apps for a smartphone. Vivavideo has many impressive video editing features that will give you excellent video editing experience.

Vivavideo Best Video Editing App Features

  • The app has a live visual effect mood. With animated Bubble Style, the same video can be presented differently with different titles.
  • Using the app, you can create video effects instantly and video effects will not need to be added later.
  • There are multi-capture mode and multi trimmer facilities. As a result, the same video can be taken in different ways.
  • Through multi-music, You can add one music or multi-music in the video.
  • Using the app you can easily be shared the video with the social media.
  • Powerful video editor.
  • Creative video camera lenses.
  • Easy-to-use slideshow maker.
  • Unique video collage (picture in picture) maker.

It is a free and user-friendly app it is comfortable for Android and iOS. If you want to use the vivavideo pro apk version, you will pay for the premium version.

App Purchases value

  • Monthly VIP Membership $4.49
  • Unlock Premium Pack $4.99
  • Yearly VIP Membership $10.99
  • Premier Gold Monthly $2.49
  • Remove Watermark $1.99
  • Unlock HD Export $1.99
  • Remove Duration Limit $1.99
  • Unlock Video Adjustment $1.99
  • Animated Text Package $0.99
  • Premier Gold Yearly $9.99
Free Video Editor

Enjoy vivavideo pro apk version.

KineMaster best video editing app

KineMaster eliminates one revolution in android video editing. KineMaster video editing app is the best video editor of the Smartphone world, and it can be used to make professional video editing on mobile.

KineMaster apk the only full-featured professional video editing apps and it’s not just a video editor for Android, but there are many great tools for creating new videos or slideshow videos.

kinemaster pro apk

KineMaster is a Professional, secure video editing software for Android. This app has an advantage as like multiple videos, images, effects, overlays, stickers, text and handwriting layers Which could only be done by the computer.

A most important feature is Chrome Key as like the “Camtasia” Chrome Key feature. There are many more benefits to convert to multitrack audio, color loot filter, 3d, etc.

Kinemaster app has all the necessary video editing tools. Essential tools include blurring, video speed changing, etc. You can use its trial version by free download the app from Playstore. But for kindmaster pro apk, you have to subscribe with $ 4.99 per month.

KineMaster Video Editor Feature

  • Video cut.
  • The entire video can be inserted into one frame.

• intro and “outro” YouTube videos can be made.
• Video “Photo” and video layer even can be used on Video “Photo”.
• Animated effects can be used.
• The video background can be cut using “Chroma key”.
• Easy to use to create a presentation.
• Many animation styles.
• Speed control for video clips.
• Volume envelop.

• Transition effects.
• A variety of themes, animations, and visual and audio effects.
• Share on YouTube, Facebook, Google+, Dropbox and more.
• Real-time video and audio recording.

Free Video Editor

PowerDirectorbest video editing app

Although our phones have many alternative video-making applications, you can try PowerDirector. This app is very user-friendly for Android smartphones, tablets, and Windows Phone. If you are not pleased with your default Video Editing App. Most by default apps do not provide useful video editing functions.


You can use the PowerDirector video app. video making is effortless with PowerDirector, PowerDirector gives you rich, informative video creation experience. Many apps download from the Google Play Store, which requires devices powerfully for video creation.

Easy to use and fast

Its video editing functions are not as tricky. If you have a little bit of knowledge about video editing, you can create a professional quality video with PowerDirector. You are the user of the first time or Use desktop-level video editing software. The PowerDirector app makes it easy and quickly editing high-quality video.

Now PowerDirector is Chromebook secure video editing apps .3 minute long video making takes more than 5 minutes to complete, so the process has a little downtime. Edited video can save to any one of the phone memory or memory card.

Best video editing app PowerDirector Feature.

  • Video making with photos: photo and video collage maker.
  • Chromebook compatible: fast editing videos with keyboard shortcuts & hotkeys.
  • Video effects: Add effects and Combine picture and video editing, voice over etc.
  • Movie maker: Add voice to videos, add a custom soundtrack, add custom music & voice etc.
  • Slow motion: slow-motion video effects with a few taps.

If you have to want PowerDirector pro apk or PowerDirector bundle apk you will be paid $0.99 – $34.99 per item.

Free Video Editor

Quik Best video editing app

Quik Video Editor is a more popular Android app to creating an excellent video. The app has the opportunity to quickly edit the video. Moreover, the app has the built-in ability to create a video. After the video editing, fix the resolution there are also options to share directly for the editor.

photo video maker

Quik Video Editor is a great app for those who upload videos to YouTube. YouTube is the preferred choice because it can be made with YouTube Intro. This app allows creating a very good intro for YouTube video. You can create generous intro by changing picture, sound and text font.

The most important fact the app does not have any annoying ads.

best video editing appQuik Feature

  • Add your photos + videos: You can make videos with up to 75 photos.
  • Choose your theme: Adjust the font, filters, filter intensity, and graphics to fit your style.
  • Customize your video:  trim, zoom and rotate photos and video clips.
  • Pick soundtrack: pick the perfect soundtrack from iTunes library or iCloud Drive, Dropbox, Google Drive.
  • Save and Share Video: Save videos in the gorgeous format as like HD 1080p or 720p and Share your private Quik link via text or email.
Free Video Editor

 Funimatebest video editing app

You will be a little surprised if you see the effects of the funimate app. But it overall is not very much a powerful video editing app. But funimate apk is for those who can funny Dance, Break Dance, this app is best for them specially tiktok. The effects of this app are really very interesting.


Small music video making a popular app is ‘Funimate’. Just using the 94 MB app, not just making music videos it also has live animations and various types of sound effects feature. Not only that, the app can be used in eight languages.

Funimate Video EditorFeatures

  • Add video effects: You can add more than 100 video effects.
  • Create Effects: You can create your own effects on your phone.
  • Add Music to Videos: Add music to your video and make a cool video.
  • Add Emoji, Stickers & Text to Videos: Add Emoji, Stickers & Text to Videos and create lip sync videos or slow motion videos.
  • Video Merger, Cut & Trim feature.
Free Video Editor

If you want to funimate apk paid feature you will be paid $2.99 – $59.99 per item.

Magisto Video Editor

Smartphone cameras are not used only for photos, but it also for HD video capture. There are so many Photo editing apps on Android, but there are very few apps available for Best Video Maker. But now video can be easily edited on the smartphone and can be made an automatic movie. Magisto apk for this job.


Using this app, any video clip or a lot of photos can be converted into the best movie. Where you have your favorite music, eye-catching graphics and effects. It can be easily done in just a few minutes. There is no need to be a video editor for using Magisto apps. These apps will create professional quality movies by analyzing your videos and photos.

Electronic video stabilization, filters, effects, transitions, all will be a beautiful creation. These apps give proper impact by identifying the appearance. You can select a soundtrack from the internet or your device. Remember this, and the magisto apk must require an Internet connection to run these apps.

It can be called the best video editor depending on three criteria

 Google Play Editor’s Choice.

Gartner ‘Cool Vendor’ 2018.

 Consumer Reports’ #1 Video Editing app 2017.

Best Video Editing App Magisto Premium Features.

  • Create longer video.
  • Upload up to 30 photos per videos.
  • Use up to 25 min of footage.
  • Premium editing styles.
  • Unlimited movie downloads.
Magisto Professional Features
  • Unique professional Styles
  • Commercially licensed music
  • Add logo and captions
  • Edit and reorder scenes
  • Create longer videos
  • Use up to 80 photos per movie
  • HD video downloads
Magisto App Purchases value.
  • Monthly Premium Subscription $4.99
  • Magisto Professional $29.99
  • Single Movie Download $0.99
  • Monthly Premium Subscription $6.99
  • Magisto Professional $19.99
  • Yearly Premium Subscription $19.99
  • One Year Premium $19.99
  • Magisto for Business $19.99
  • Magisto Professional $24.99
  • Birthday – Premium Theme $1.99
Free Video Editor

Filmorago Best Video Editing App

The Most useful computer video editing software Fillmore now can be used on the smartphone, we will now describe the film or go review. FilmoraGo Free Video Editor App made of Wondershare.

Its the most popular among the video editing apps for Android devices. Standard features of the app include trimming, cutting, adding themes and adding background music.


The video can also be played or converted to slow motions, and these works can be done using the FilmoraGo. FilmoraGo will help you create funny videos that will keep your memories alive.

After the end of the video editing, there is a chance to share social media directly from the apps. Use the free version of the app. A watermark will appear at the end of the edited video.

Best Video Editing App Filmorago Review of Features
  • Mix photo and video.
  • One click amazingness.
  • Stylish themes
  • All-in-one video editor.
  • Professional video editing tools.
  • Effects store.

The general features of the app can use for free. But there is some additional premium features those who want to use will have to pay.

  • Remove Logo Roll $1.99
  • Vogue $1.99
  • Fashion $1.99
  • Retro $0.99
  • Holiday Overlay $0.99
  • Retro 80’s $0.99
  • Game Transition Effect $0.99
  • Holiday Transition $1.99
Free Video Editor

Adobe Premiere Clip Best Video Editing App

It is a famous software developer, and Adobe created video editing software for a smartphone. The computer version is the best video maker. You cannot use more features on mobile as like the computer version of Adobe Premier.

However, all the necessary video editing features will be available such as Slamming filter on video, frame or frame editing, drag and drop clip, transition, lite adjusting, effect, etc.

Best Video Editing App

Adobe premiere clip app will allow to quick video editing on Android devices. It’s easy to use and user-friendly. The app has a huge advantage of video editing on a smartphone.

This app will allow quick video editing on Android devices. Besides, if you use Adobe Premiere Pro on your PC or laptop, you can edit your project by synchronizing with this adobe premiere clip app.

Adobe Premiere Clip allows you to edit video as well as create slideshow videos from pictures. Besides, there are all the other benefits of video editing. The app can be used completely free.

Adobe Premiere Clip Video Editor has Playstore rating at 3.9 out of 5. You can download the app from the Play Store for free.

Adobe Premiere Clip Video Editor Feature
  • Automatic video creation.
  • Powerful video Editing.
  • Sounds great.
  • Looks great.
  • Photo Motion.
  • Easy to Share.
  • Adobe CreativeSync.
Free Video Editor

Videopad Best Video Editing App

VideoPad Video Editor is an essential but free video editing tool for Android devices. Anyone can use it because its user interface is user-friendly. VideoPad Video Editor is the perfect app for the Android smartphone.

VideoPad Editor’s user interface has been devolving, keeping in mind about the most common uses for android video editing.

Best Video Editing App

You can add to your video visual effects, transitions, and more. It is designed, especially for Android smartphones and tablets. So you can use videopad video editor, edit the video within minutes. You can use the full-featured video editing apps free, but if you want to remove ads, you will have to pay only $0.99.

Videopad video editor Feature
  • Complete Video Optimization.
  • Import Video, Images, Audio and many more.
Free Video Editor

ActionDirector Best Video Editing App

ActionDirecto Video Editor This software is the most popular video editing software for computers. Now, this software is available in the Android version (ActionDirector Video Editor – Edit Videos Fast).

You can combine small video files with this Action Direct Video Editing add any music and text to video. The video can trim and cut very easily.

Best Video Editing App

You can make the slow-motion video and can quickly render or save the edited video. I like that feature it supports 4k videos. Other functions include reversing videos, replaying videos, adding stickers, adding color, brightness – control – adjusting saturation, etc.

You can do basic tasks of video editing through this. For example, import, edit and render video. If you found the App on Playstore Free but you have to buy some filters and benefits.

ActionDirector Video Editor Features
  • Make Videos.
  • Edit Videos.
  • Action Movie Effects.
  • Share Videos.
Free Video Editor

WeVideo Best Video Editing App

WeVideo app for Android smartphone and tablet user those are love capture, create the video on a smartphone. Using WeVideo, you can create a video with your memorable photo that will not allow your memory to lost. You can create new videos in a short time because its video rendering is fast.

Best Video Editing App

This video editing app is powerful and easy to control. WeVideo app is called all in one. WeVideo allows you to add many things like themes, Filters, effects, emoji, and music to your desired video. Apps have more than 30 themes and effects.

WeVideo free apps but you will have to pay using some special features.

  • 1 Year Pass $3.99.
  • WeVideo Power Subscription $9.99.
  • WeVideo Unlimited Subscription $15.99.
  • WeVideo Power Subscription $59.99.
  • WeVideo Unlimited Subscription $95.99.
Video Editor WeVideo Feature.
  • Edit photos and videos.
  • 30 more unique video themes and video enhancing filters
  • Special effects and transitions add to your video.
  • Titles and captions.
  • Music for a custom soundtrack.
  • Easy clip arranging.
  • Voiceover recording.
  • Emoji stickers add to your video.
  • Publish in Full HD.
  • Save videos and share to social media.
Free Video Editor

You can tell us with the comment box below, which Best video editor you prefer or any video editor you use above. Also, do not forget to tell us a better video editor free if you know anyone. Do you think we should have kept more apps on this list?  Then let us know and comment. Do not forget to let you know which app is awesome.

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