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Dolphin Browser is one of the Best Web Browser for Android. Whether it’s a smartphone or a computer, everyone does not like to use stock browsers. Most of the time, the default web browser on Android is not very fast and customizable, we are looking for another preferred browser.

Dolphin Browser

How much user uses the Windows internet explorer? Like that, many of the users do not like the default android browser. And so created dolphins, UC, Opera, Firefox, Chrome, and many other browsers. The safe Browser is one of the best web browsers for Android.

This private browser is popular for its various neoteric advantage. Because of its intelligent voice search, gesture, etc. it has quickly popularity gained worldwide. The features of this browser and interface are very attractive. There are also gestures control facilities.

Another advantage of Dolphin Browser is that it supports the old Flash software. Therefore, there will be no difficulty in viewing videos or flash content on sites that do not upgrade their Flash content.

You can share all the information on Facebook, Twitter and other social networking sites with the browser and the custom theme provide for a different color. This is the only best browser for an android that supports various add-ons like computers and I think they have established it as the greatest Android browser.

Dolphin Browser Add-ons list

  • Dolphin Flash Player.
  • Screen Cut – Screenshot.
  • Webpage to PDF Converter & Editor.
  • Android Speed Booster.
  • Translator and Bookmarks.
  • QR and Barcode Scanner.
  • Battery Saver, Show IP address.
  • Ultimate Flag, Pocket, Dropbox, Box, Alexa Rank for Dolphin.

The main advantage of the fastest browser is gesture control. When the browser is running, start the gesture mode from the bottom corner and touch the finger on the screen, and when you type f, you will watch the Facebook at the moment.

If you do not use a dolphin browser, then your Android browsing experience will be incomplete. Its user interface, speed, and modern features are able to conquer your mind in just one hour. Through dolphins, tabs will browse on multiple websites simultaneously. It reduces on the RAM. By using the ‘Dolphin Connect’ feature, bookmarks can be backed up on the phone.

Best Web Browser Dolphin features

  • Video Flash Player: If you want to watch HD videos online with a web browser, you will need to use the best web browser.
  • Multiple tabs: like PCs or desktop computer browsers, have multiple tabs, which allow you to browse many websites at the same time with the same browser.
  • Sync: At first you open an account with Dolphin Browser and login that account, now you can sync your data PC to smartphone earlier this facility could only be available only on the PC.
  • Pop up AdBlock: When we visit the website, sometimes there are showing too much pop-up advertisement on some websites, which causes web site Visiting will be difficulties, avoiding these troubles, this browser has ad blocking advantage.
  • Custom Search Engine: You can easily switch the search engine Google, Yahoo, Yandex, Bing, Duckduckgo, etc.
  • Fast download manager: The download manager of the Dolphin Browser is very fast and the user interface is excellent. File maintenance can be easily managed from the download manager.
  • Private browsing: Many times we need a private browser while browsing the Internet, then using the That Browser does not require you to use a different private browser.
  • Gesture advanced feature: Similarly, Type G Google will appear on the screen. Type “>” it’s going forward and type “<” it going back. Thus, for the choice of the site will be able to add a different touch Gesture.
  • Share for fun: we can share Any information shared with this fastest browser in many places including Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, and Skype.
  • Full-Screen Mode: You can easily take this browser to different sizes according to your needs.
  • Night Mood: When we are browsing in the night, Brightness pains our eyes and night mood reduces the phone brightness.
  • No Image Mood: When our internet is slow, no image is able to load the web site faster.

50 million times downloaded this best web browser is available free of charge. To remind you, it has described the dolphin private browser as the best browser in many international markets, including Lifehacker, CNET, and PC Magazine, etc. If you do not use it today, download that fastest browser today.

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