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Cloud Backup Apps:Free Cloud Storage Providers

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The present era is the era of cloud computing? Everything is now becoming cloud dependent. At the same time, now people are emphasizing cloud storage for cloud backup. Cloud storage Providers are becoming popular in day by day because of reliability, low cost, and access to anywhere. Many online data storage companies are offering free best cloud service as well as premiums to backup data securely online.

Cloud Backup Using Necessity

Sometimes, when the hard disk is damaged, it is necessary to avoid the risk of losing important files, so that cloud storage or cloud backup. A lost memory card or computer’s hard disk, you may lose all the important Data. So it’s much safer to save online at cloud backup.

If you keep data in the cloud backup, there will be no fear of data being stolen or destroyed. It can be used and shared online anytime from any device that is internet-enabled. It is free to find 300 GB of space online in different organizations. The Economic Times has recently published the report with some of the largest number of free cloud storage facilities. Free unlimited cloud storage is not available.

We will discuss some best online storage in here.

What is online storage?

Cloud Backup

Cloud backup is a way to upload and store user data on the server. Users save their pictures, songs, documents, videos, and other files in these cloud storage. These data are stored on the cloud storage company’s servers and users can download and use them at any time.

There are various types of cloud storage companies that offer a number of services. If you want to get unlimited cloud storage, you have to pay.No service is 100% free. These companies have free plans, pro plans, gold, platinum, and other plans. Considering all the Pros and Cons aspects.

Why Store Your Data Online Storage

Many users are currently experiencing a lack of storage in smart devices. Many storage devices are used to access different memory cards as well. Many people after the hassle of file sharing. Cloud storage services can be used to solve this problem. The significant use of cloud backup is that you have the flexibility to transfer files from anywhere.

Many times we have to face many problems when we delete files from a computer or a mobile. But if you put your data or files in the cloud backup, it’s never a risk of losing. Only you can use and share your wanted files from any device that has an internet connection.

Write today with the best cloud storage service.

Google Drive

Google’s own cloud storage service is very popular cloud backup that names Google Drive. People want Google Drive because it’s directly connected to Google’s ecosystem. Here’s a short google drive review. As well as Windows or Mac computers, you can also use Android and iOS platform smartphones.

Cloud Backup

You can google drive download or use it through the browser. If you delete any of your files, you can restore it from Google drive backup. Google has a others service for keeping photos, whose name is google photos storage, You can call it to google photos backup. If you make Google Drive sync on your phone, then the photo will be uploaded to automatically in the Google Drive.

Google cloud backup Services Google Drive has up to 15GB of free storage facilities. If you want to spend your money, you can increase your storage as well as you want. google drive apps is very simple and friendly, so once you are having fun with Google Drive, you will find it difficult to use any other cloud storage facility.

Pros feature

Works with all Google services.

  • It is a lot easier to use.
  • Free 15 GB storage.
  • Premium plan price is low.

Cons feature

  • Free space cannot be increased through referral.
  • Drag-and-drop file uploads are only for Google Chrome browsers
Google Drive Download For PC 

google drive app download

Microsoft OneDrive

OneDrive of Microsoft’s current cloud backup services, But it was earlier known as SkyDrive. Here’s a short Microsoft OneDrive review.

Cloud Backup

Onedrive storage service Windows 8 and Xbox 360 have built-in features. For older versions of Windows or Mac computers, you have to download oneDrive. It can also be used from Windows Phone, Android and iOS platform mobile. You need to Microsoft Onedrive login just one Microsoft email account.

It lets you access the Microsoft Office Suite. One Drive has many new features that attract users. After signing up, you would have given 15 GB free space but now only gives 5 GB.

If you want to spend $ 6.99 a month you can enjoy 1 terabyte storage as well as Office 365 service. OneDrive provides excellent services, but its application is somewhat different than other cloud storage services that could be better.

Pros feature

  • There are software and apps for Windows, Windows Mobile, Mac, Android, iPhone devices.
  • There are 5 GB free storage facilities.
  • It’s easy to sync with Microsoft account.

Cons feature

  • There is no file encryption.
  • Premium plans costly.

Onedrive Download For Pc

onedrive download


Here’s a short dropbox review. Dropbox is the oldest and one of the main cloud backup. It is a very popular and very reliable cloud storage service. There are apps for mobile and computer, all types of platforms. The Dropbox cloud backup Web version works well. Its best aspect is its user interface. It has lots of flexible features. Dropbox app works very well with Android.

Cloud Backup

How to use Dropbox? No tension if you take Enterprise plan dropbox will teach you how to use Dropbox.

However, you will only get 2 GB storage free in Dropbox. The best aspect is to refer to your relatives and get free storage up to 500 MB for each refers upto 16 GB. There are many more benefits with Dropbox Business planes. Dropbox personal use for a better plane Standard plane. If you want, you can increase it arbitrarily by subscribing to different affordable planes.

Dropbox pricing

  • Standard plane for 3 users one year $ $450
  • Advanced plane for 3 users one year $720

Pros feature

  • Dropboxes for Windows, Mac, Android, iPhone, Windows Phone, All Divas.
  • Very easy to upload and share files.
  • Extending the storage limit to free up to 16 GB via referral

Cons feature

  • There are no file share permissions for a free account.
  • Only 30 days of free trial period.
  • Links to shared files do not work sometimes.

Dropbox For Pc


Apple iCloud Drive

If you are an Apple Product user, I think the iCloud service is the best option for you. The service is designed with some special designs for Mac, iPhone, and iPad. Through which you can icloud photo sharing, videos or documents.

Apple iCloud Drive

With the Family Sharing Plan of the service, you will enjoy this sharing facility with other Apple device users in your family. In addition to sharing and storage facilities, iCould is able to automatically synchronize your mail, calendar, reminder, safari data, back-up, etc.

The iCloud drive is only for an Apple ID, with this ID you can access your files from iCloud’s site. If you put the file here, it will be safe and no one else can use it except you. And if your phone is stolen or lost, you will get your important files on cloud storage.

Initially, 5GB of free online storage is available in iCloud. There is a premium plan here.

Pros feature

  • Smooth up and web interfaces.
  • Compatible with all platform.
  • When you buy an iOS or MacOS device, you will get 5 GB storage free in the account.

Cons feature

  • Provide fewer services than competitors.
  • A web interface has no search options.
  • There is no use in Android.
  • The price is higher than other cloud backup.

iCloud Download For Mac

iCloud Download For iOS


MediaFire is a very popular free online file sharing and storage service launched in 2006. MediaFire has around 43 million users and it can be used for all devices.


You can store larger files than 4 GB. You can get 10 GB of cloud backup free when you sign up. This storage size can be increased up to 32GB through friends’ referral. Installing the mobile app is available for 1 GB free storage. Connecting to Facebook and Twitter, the user will get more 2 GB storage free.

The file can be downloaded and shared as much as you want. However, a maximum file size of 200 MB can be uploaded to the free account. If you are not happy with it, then the Pro and Business Plan. You can get only $ 3.75 a month, 1 terabyte storage, 20 GB file upload permissions, support, direct link, security and many benefits. Besides, the business plan is $ 40 a month.

Pros feature

  • 10 GB Free File Hosting.
  • It is possible to extend up to 50GB of free hosting.
  • For all browsers, mobile and other devices.
  • A very low price of the upgrade plan.

Cons feature

  • No more than 200 MB files can be uploaded in the free account.
  • Show ads in a free account.
  • No Official Desktop Clint Desktop version only works with the browser.



Mega is a New Zealand-based cloud storage company. It is launched in 2013, it provides the highest security for your files. mega storage uploads files use encryption technology for download, so no one can see your file except you.

mega cloud storage

mega cloud backup uses encryption technology for uploading and downloading files, so no one can see your file except you, even its developers do. The mega 50 GB free user storage is available. You can also upgrade the storage.

The package will get 200 GB of storage and transfer 1 terabyte file only 4.99 euros in a month. Transferring 500 GB of storage and 2 terabytes of data to Pro One package only allows 9.99 euros. You can get 2 terabytes of storage in 19.99 euros in the pro-package and share 4 terabytes of files. In Pro 3 packages, you can transfer 4 terabytes of online storage and 8 terabytes in just 29.99 euros.

There are also some plans and enterprise-level solutions per year. megasync download for Google Android, iPhone, Blackberry, Windows Phone. There are also clients for Mac, Windows PC, and Linux. If you want to keep any file in the mega storage you will have to mega cloud storage login.

Pros feature

  • 50 GB Free Storage Facility.
  • User file security through end-to-end encryption technology.
  • There are clients for all devices and mobiles.
  • Upgraded to a lower price
  • Many upgrade plans.

Cons feature

  • There is no scope to increase free space.
  • There are no upload options through drag-and-drop.

Megasync Download For PC

megasync download


In the case of free cloud services, the box has been eligible for everyone with their business and personal storage plans after Google Drive. Box desktop application for your computer’s hard disk and cloud backup sync process is available.


In Free Service, the box provides 10 GB free cloud storage per user. The maximum size of a file to upload in the box must be below 250 MB. For paid service, they support up to $ 100 per month, with a maximum speed of 100 GB and a maximum size of 5 GB of files.

Apart from using a browser, iOS, Android box app, Blackberry, and Windows devices, you can edit the office files in the box through their built-in office program.

Pros feature

  • Pros for a small company or personal use, it has user-friendly interface and functionality.
  • The Box works all platform like Android, Windows, Mac, and Linux.
  • Box safety is very strong, sharing options, Pros administrative controls
  • synchronized facility

Cons feature

  • I think it should be done better, and there is no other complaint.
  • There is a management control that needs to be done better.
  • A non-registered user does not allow to share and edit a file
  • Multiple files cannot be downloaded without zip file.

Box Download For PC

box app for android download

pCloud Cloud

This name may be new to you .pCloud New Cloud Storage System. It has gained a lot of popularity with recent lifetime cloud backup. Initially, pCloud will give you 10 GB of free storage.

pCloud Cloud

It is possible to increase it with the help of the referral program. If you want $175 for 500GB and $350 for 2 terabytes of storage lifetime. It’s a deal maker for many people. There are also other plans.

Because there is no limitation of file size, it is good for those sharing more than 50 GB bandwidth in a month. There are pCloud apps and web versions for almost all types of platforms.

Pros feature

  • Easy to use, multilayer backup, team permissions.
  • Mobile Apps Comfortable.
  • 24-hour helpline facility.
  • Increase the storage by referrals to free accounts.
  • Lightroom plug-in

Cons feature

  • The Android Apps feature is less and its design is not good enough.
  • Delete file restore is only on premium plan.
  • Data is stored only with USA data center.
  • Sometimes the desktop sync Take sometimes.

pCloud Cloud For PC

pCloud Cloud

Amazon Drive

Another tech giant, Amazon is a well-known name in other cloud services but is not too far ahead of cloud storage. They still offer a lot of good opportunities to their drive users.

Amazon Drive

You get free 5 GB storage as soon as you sign up for it. Besides, there are opportunities to increase the storage through annual plans. Unlimited storage facilities will be available for just five dollars a year, in Amazon. Said the news Technical website Mashable.

This unlimited storage allows users to keep the Full resolution photos, high definition videos. Amazon has created two mobile apps called ‘Amazon Cloud Drive’ and ‘Amazon Photos’ to use this storage. Through this, you can upload files to the cloud backup by synchronizing through the smartphone.

amazon drive pricing: new users $5 one year, next year you will be paying $ 59.99 for one year. cheapest best cloud service is the cheapest cloud storage.

Pros feature

  • Easy to use and control is very easy.
  • Work with all platforms.
  • Unlimited storage for pictures.
  • Fast download and upload speed.

Cons feature

  • Credit card number takes place during account set-up.
  • Offer only 5 GB in a free account.
  • Desktop software lacks feature.

amazon drive download

Amazon Drive Download

Yandex Cloud Storage

Russian tech giant Yandex is competing fairly in the field of cloud computing. The company started the cloud storage service in September 2012. Get 20 GB of cloud backup free when you sign up on their site.

Cloud Backup

You can open and edit any of the Office documents without downloading them. Without using different plugins, you can save files directly to the Yandex drive from the Internet. Yandex has separate applications for Windows, MacOS, iOS, Android and Windows Phone OS, and there is a browser version.

Russia-based Yandex says that all their servers are located in their country and the company will be able to take service from all over the world. If you want more storage, you can upgrade the 10 GB storage at 01 USD for one month and if you buy an additional 10 GB and annual package to get $ 10 per year.

Pros feature

  • Yandex Cheap at prices.
  • Easy to Use and control.
  • Cheap price.

Cons feature

  • Customer support is not good compared to other product.
  • The security system is not much stronger.
  • Files Sharing & Sync system is not good.

Yandex Cloud Storage For PC

Yandex Cloud Storage

I think the free cloud service is used extensively but it should be careful to use it. Maximum caution should be taken in choosing passwords. The auto-upload feature is automatically turned on by most software or services, it is better to disable it. Moreover, the computer must always try to keep the anti-virus updates. Do not forget to tell us how this discussion was.

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