Device Administrator Protect Your Android Phone.
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Device Administrator Protect Your Android Phone.

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Device Administrator users have the highest amount in the android world. And many of the Android users are concerned about the security of their favorite device. Many use third-party applications for security.

Many cases, they do not work properly, or the services are not completely free. But Google is going to bring new security tool Android Device Manager for the protect Your Phone.

device administrator

This tool allows Android users to locate their lost android phone. Any Android user with a Google account will be able to locate their phone location by Google map. Not just to locate, changing the user’s location Google device manager will also tell you. This service will be work as Google’s new Android Device Manager Website.

Device AdministratorDevice Manager

According to Google, this service will give a new Identity to the Android platform. For a long time, Android users were looking in such a service on the Android platform. Long before Apple’s iPhone already had a ‘Find My iPhone’ app service. This application had the advantage of finding the lost iPhone’s location.

Some Android device manufacturers such as HTC and Sony tried to provide some such services themselves. But unfortunately, because of tracking services, They could not make much progress. But Google has solved the problem.

There are many things are discussed, Let’s discussion about Android Device Administrator.

It needs to be known, if you want to use this service, you have must be Android OS version 2.2+. Previously Google’s Business Account Users have access to Android Device Manager, but Google has also launched this facility for general users.

How To Enable To Android administrator App

At first, you have to enable the Device Manager. Navigate according to the instructions below and active android device manager app.

Settings -> Security ->Device Administrators -> Android Device Manager.

First, turn on the Google Setting app from your Android device and tap the Android Device Manager. The locator feature is already activated. If you lose or stole your phone, and you want to delete all the information on the phone.

then enable Allow remote factory reset option. In this case, the Android administrator manager will want your phone’s Administrator facility. Select “Activate”. Done the device manager settings.

If your device administrator does not show your device location or shows an unknown location.
  • Update your device’s Play Store app.
  • From the App drawer, go to Google Settings> Android Device Manager, and uncheck “Allow remote factory reset” option.
  • Now go to Settings> Apps> All>open “Google Play services” and Clear the data.
  • Now again from the app drawer to go to Google Settings and check to Allow “remote factory reset” option.
  • Restart or reboot your device.

Keep in mind that the Android Device Manager will not work if your device is off after it’s lost. But this will work when the device is turned on and connected with the internet.

Protect Your Phone Using Android device administrator

  • Ring: Many times we are looking for a phone at home. This feature is useful in this case. If you click on the ring button from my device manager, a popup screen will be appearing soon. From there, click the ring button again.
  • Within a short time, the ring will start at your phone in full volume, Even if the phone is in silent mode. Your device will ring at full volume for five minutes. And to stop it, there is no way without switch off your phone.
  • Lock: You may not use any lock on your phone or using a very easy pattern lock. Now, like as you wish, you can lock the device using a password. You have to click on the lock to get the desired PIN. Then your phone will be locked.
  • Erase: If you want, you can delete all the photos, apps and settings on your phone from here. But remember, you cannot use the google security manager again if you delete all the data. If you do not delete your phone’s apps and settings, then you can use it again.
  • Location: After logging in, you will see that the location of your phone is being displayed with Google map. If your phone is switched off or offline, you can see the location the last time it was used.

Find Android Phone with device administrator

device administrator

Cannot find your mobile? Or the mobile has been stolen? Where do you looking for Find? Answer: Search on Google! There is nothing to be a wonder, Google will find out your phone!! On the computer, log in to Google or Gmail, search the other one by typing “Find my phone”, and get your phone immediately!

Google will show you exactly where your phone location. You can also call the lost phone from Google. If your mobile is silent, the ring will ring 5 minutes in full volume.

If the mobile is taken away or robbed, then you can lock the mobile from this Google. You can also set a contact number on the mobile screen.

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