How To Delete Photos From Icloud
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How to Delete Photos from Icloud

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How to Delete Photos from Icloud that question some times ask lost of friends. phones use has increased in Worldwide. Besides, there is a growing tendency to steal or lose a smartphone. And to find the lost phone, Apple launched a special feature called ‘Find My iPhone’.

So far this feature was available only on Android devices, from now features will be work on the iOS operating system’s phone or iPhone.

In the next version of iOS7, a new feature has been added called Find My iPhone or Activation Lock, iPhone, iPod touch, lost iPad, cannot be activated anybody after using or selling. It will be work when you activated find my iPhone app feature. When Activation Lock is on that some activates cannot be done without your Apple ID and Password, All of the activities are listed below are given.

  • Can not find my iPhone turn off
  • iPhone cannot be erased.
  • Re-activating and cannot be used.

Nobody can activate that phone without your permission. For that, you just have to keep find my iPhone lost mode on and keep in mind the Apple ID and password.

How To Use Find My iPhone App

Find my iPhone app is built on the iPhone. If you want you can download it separately from iTunes. To use this great app you have to an iCloud account. Then, after logging in to the iPhone with the account, the Find My iPhone app will be automatically activated. Find My iPhone does not work on jailbroken iPhone.

Just go to Settings > iCloud > Sign In with your Apple ID and Password. Its will be activated automatically or active find my iPhone lost mode.

With Apple’s own application ‘Find My iPhone’ you can see your phone’s real-time location on Google Map. Show this location on Google Map is perfect enough. Even, you can also see it from your iCould how many percent battery have on your lost phone. For this issue, the lost iPhone must be connected to the Internet.

 Also, you can send a message or alert tone to the phone. If the phone is lost, you can contact the thief with that message. If the thief is not responding, you can delete all the information on your iPhone while sitting at home.

 The advantage is that thieves cannot use your phone anymore. He cannot sell it, or cannot he use it himself. After Memory erases, its activation will be locked. This means that no one else will be able to activate the phone without the original owner. Even the apple itself too.

How To Find My iPhone Turn off

find my iphone

Many people think this feature of the iPhone is a hassle, but it is designed for the user’s security. If you want to get the security of your iPhone, you have to must use this feature.

Delete Photos from Icloud

Still, if someone does not likes this find my iPhone lost mode, then go to the phone’s settings to stop it just go to Settings> iCloud> Delete Account. To the complete reset factory, click on Settings> General> Reset> Erase All Content and now deactivate find my iPhone feature.

How does find my iPhone work?

When you active Find My iPhone with iOS7, Apple activation server will save it for your device. Active on Find My iPhone and go to Settings > iCloud > Sign In with your Apple ID and Password.

What to do when your iPhone is lost or stolen?

If you think your iPhone is lost or stolen, keep it in Lost Mode by going to from PC or Mac or from your iPhone (iPhone apps) from any iPhone that used your Apple ID password on your lost phone and delete photos from icloud.

As soon as possible. If kept on Lost Mode, your screen will be locked with a 4-digit passcode and the message you keep on the screen will show with your phone number, so anyone can contact you if find it.

What to do if servicing?

If the iPhone, iPod Touch, the iPad allows you to fix a software problem or give it to the service center, then definitely turn off Find My iPhone.

To sell Do that? at first Delete Photos from Icloud

If Sell, then you find my iPhone turn off. Settings> iCloud> Delete Account. To the complete reset factory, click on Settings> General> Reset> Erase All Content and Settings.

What to do if you forget about Apple ID?

May It will be that you forgot the Apple ID password yourself. Then go to to change the password. But you will verify for that’s your own account, that meaning the question will be answered is correct. Such as security question, your birth date, which was given at the time of account opening. So keep this in mind.

If you are buying a reused iPhone.Now Delete Photos from Icloud

If you want to update or restore any software, check out your Phone “Finds My iPhone” this feature off or ON. Open your iPhone Settings >iCloud, if there is active “Finds My iPhone” and you have to no iCloud username or password you will avoid any update or restore.

How to Delete Photos from Icloud

How to Delete Photos from Icloud

Switch on your phone and slide to Unlocking, if there show passcode lock or home screen, it means this phone it does not completely erase. If that happens, whose phone tell to him, Go to Settings> General> Reset> Erase All Content and Settings. Now you can do any update or restore any software.

Find My iPhone is a security feature for those who use the iPhone It’s crazy to stop it. If you have difficulty remembering your ID password, then write it somewhere and try to adjust to it. More information here

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