How to Open PDF in Paint Number 1 Best Working Method

Microsoft is providing some built-in programs for open PDF files in the latest versions of Windows 8 and Windows 10, and you can easily open and upload any PDF file in paint if you would like to paint activities.

But some people want to know how to open pdf in paint and use it in older ways. There are many fantastic reasons why would someone want to open the PDF in paint. Some of them are genuine and should look into it.

How to open PDF in Paint

You can always annotate the PDF file while using different images that are in Paint. MS paint is supposed to open the photos and cannot open the PDF file directly into it.

So if you are looking to open PDF file in Paint, you will have to convert it into the image to open it in the MS Paint. There are two different methods of how you can open PDF files in MS Paint.

Some Step By Step Guide To Follow for How to Open PDF in Paint

  • What is MS Paint? How to open PDF in Paint MS paint is one of oldest applications in Microsoft Windows it’s the application that has few changes made, but MS Paint was the one Application that never had any significant changes to see. It’s one of the oldest, and it’s still with us from 98 windows.
  • MS paint is used to create and edit different types of images, and MS paint only supports the photos that are JPEG, BMP, PNG, and GIF FORMATS. How to open PDF in Paint It supports only images. You can edit and create different pictures if you would like too.
  • The steps are to be followed this you will need to take a screenshot of the PDF file you are looking to edit in the MS Paint and open and edit it in MS Paint here is how you can do.

A detailed tutorial on how you can open PDF in Paint

  • Open your PDF file.
    If you are looking to open the PDF file in Ms Paint open pdf in paint. You need to first open the PDF file in PDF viewer itself.
  • Take a screenshot.
    You need to take a screenshot of the desired page that you are looking to edit. To do this navigate the page go on to that page specifically open pdf in paint and hit the Prt-Scr key on the keyboard. It’s located right next to F12 or press insert. It captures the whole picture and the entire area of the laptop or screen that have been opened at the moment.
  • Open PDF Screenshot In Ms Paint.
    Now finally, if you have already installed the MS Paint. Free pdf in paint this is amazing if not you can quickly launch it. Open the Ms Paint Application and paste your image here. You can now edit text in paint Here is how you can do it.

You can click on windows and click” Edit “button on the top and select “Paste”. Or you can easily use the “Ctrl+V” ( it’s the shortcut to paste anything that saved on your keys) edit text in paint after making required changes and editions you can easily save your image by pressing “Ctrl+ S” key on your keyboard anywhere you would like to keep.

How to open PDF in Paint

It is Complete, and how to open PDF in Paint this is the simplest and easiest way how you can edit and open PDF in Ms Paint and edit your images and paste anything you would like too.

There Are Some Disadvantages In How To Open PDF In Paint

This method seems in open pdf in paint to be perfect yet amazing and the easiest way but it also has few flows. It has several disadvantages. The image quality of the screenshot that you have posted on the Ms Paint, and edited and saved will not have the same quality as the PDF one has. It’s equally not as good as the PDF one. It’s one of the most pathetic things that you will always face.

How to open PDF in Paint

Secondly, if you are looking to edit a few pages of the how-to open PDF in Paint PDF files its okay. But if you are looking to edit the whole Puff that has quite a lot pages than its the hectic task you will have to screenshot every page and edit it and save this is one of the big jobs you will be doing.

Also, you will have to crop the images as well while you are editing and after pasting the screenshot, you will have to cut the images as the Screenshot saves the whole screen of the system.

You can always use the PDF files in Paint using Wonder share Defilement. This method will easily convert all the images and pages to the Ms Paint in which way you can edit them in Microsoft Paint without any Effort.

We Have Some Simple Tips On How To Use Paint In A Better Way.

Open each image file at one time; you can open PDF in paint in a few easy steps. As the Ms Paint cannot handle and work on more than one screenshot/ page. You will have to take screenshots one by one to edit the pages.

How to open PDF in Paint

If you are looking to remove and how to open PDF in Paint any specific content from the PDF files, you can always have the Crop Option; you can crop them in MS Paint.

You can also make a few changes to the PDF file, always save the image in the PNG format it’s the better quality of all of them.

There are have some easy ways that catered to you to see how to open PDF in Paint. You have an option always edit one individual file according to what’s needed and what’s better for you by following a few tactic and steps.

These points are valid and have been appropriately studied and designed for the customers who are looking to get to know the best ways to use PDF in Paint.

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