News Apps For Android- Top 10 News Apps
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News Apps For Android- Top 10 News Apps

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News App For Android that I will discuss  Top 10 News Apps free news apps download. In this time a mobile phone is one of the most popular portable devices in the world, Android mobile phone is the best user-friendly operating system mobile phone, nowadays smart people reading the newspaper by using best news app for Android.

People have been using newspaper since the beginning of modern society. Now there is no exception to this, however, when people leave a morning or afternoon they are reading a newspaper daily. Many people are watching the news on the TV or reading the newspaper on a news website.

Observation showed that about 62% of people in the first world they were reading newspapers with smartphones but Of these, 54% have strongly agreed that they are concerned about the fake news spread about the social media.

Modern Time Newspaper

Time has changed The Internet brings a revolutionary change to read or watch a newspaper Now we are seeing many newspaper sites on the internet and one of them we are trying to always find out your targeted newspaper website. There are thousands of news websites on the internet and it’s a lot of trouble for us to see all of the newspaper sites at the same times.

There is a lot of Android news apps here your help which allows you to read all kinds of news. We have selected the best top 10 best news app for your benefit by doing a lot of research. We did not point out here to a specific newspaper site here.

Benefits of this List 

This list gives you a chance to choose for reading the selected news and avoid that you did not want. These android apps will give you the maintainer of tracking many newspaper sites with one app .we will discuss this 10 Android news apps in the list below.

Google News

Google News app is the Google Play Newsstand replacement. We are known Google is the best at his job. Google news is one of the best Google Android news apps. Google news organized al kind of news what’s happening around the world even your local news.


Google News app always collected news from credible publishers and discover sources. If you want to read any kind of news just install google news app and click the tab. It’s totally free apps and very easy to use.

Why use Google news-apps?

  • Google news powered by android news app
  • “Full coverage” of every story even local news.
  • Personalized content

Google News For Android

Google News For iPhone


BBC News

BBC News World’s most famous news agency is known for presenting neutral and unpleasant news. BBC News Android app maintains fairness to their viewing it offers you all the BBC news apps for android from one place.


You can listen to the BBC live radio stream all over the world and BBC news apps for android offers you the kind of news category you want to make. From BBC News correspondents you can read the best journalism that you will not get any other news app. With BBC News you can access all the BBC’s videos and audio archives.

Why use “BBC news”?

  • Respected News Agency all over the world.
  • Different layout settings.
  • Permission for using data.
  • User information secure and not share it with anyone else.

BBC News Apps For Android

BBC News App For iPad



feedly is one of the top 10 best android news apps for android free download. Feedly RSS reader is considered as a successful experiment of google reader. It’s an RSS reader android apps .feedly apps are super fast user-friendly android news apps is google play store.

News Apps For Android- Top 10 News Apps 1

People mainly use Feedly to read blogs, learn new topics, and track different brands and companies. Feedly will give you news industry fast access to various news sources. feedly will keep you connected to 40 million news feeds for 24 hours and you will not get this advantage others any news app.

The only feedly will give you the opportunity to integrate your news into various social media so that you can easily share it with your network and teammates. Feedly will be load very quickly and give the user a comfortable news reading experience. Overall Feedly RSS reader will give you a platform where you can easily gain knowledge about different subjects.

Why use Feedly news-apps?

  • Make your own news feed from scratch.
  • Rapid refresh and multiple layouts.
  • Support RSS links

Feedly RSS Reader For Android

Feedly RSS Reader For iPhone



You want to know what’s going on around you, click on CNN News and stay updated 24 news updates. It’s user-friendly smoother and it’s a lot easier to use With CNN news you can see the news as well as see the original series of CNN.

News Apps For Android- Top 10 News Apps 2

Here you can find video news clips for Breaking News. You can use CNN News for absolutely free.

Why use “CNN Breaking US & World News”?

  • Watch live CNN, CNNi or HLN television anywhere, anytime
  • Custom alert settings
  • Experience the world of breaking news

CNN News For Android

CNN News For iPhone


News Republic

You get all the news from a place you like all the time News Republic will fill your expectations now. Inshorts will give you very good news from the best sources in the world. Personally use is very easy and simple, the News Republic Provide a customized news feed based on your interests.

news republic breaking news

Always be the first to know! use the News RepublicYou can use it for free But if you want to advertise free news republic you will have to pay $ 2.9 per year.

Why use the “News Republic”?

  • Quick to set up and access: No more truncated RSS feeds.
  • Smart: the News Republic learns as you read.
  • Daily News Digest.
  • RSS Feeds, Trending News, Video News

News Republic App Free Download for Android

News Republic App Free Download For iOS


Smart News

The top trending news that affects the entire world including us and UK smartnews presents this news to the reader. Smartnews has recently been considered as popular news apps for Android News Readers.

smart news

SmartNews provide high quality breaking news and stories from Reuters, AP, Wired, Buzzfeed, Reuters, Vox, VICE News, Bleacher Report, The Huffington Post, Quartz, Huffington Post, TIME, VICE, CNET and more.

Why use Smart News?

  • Breaking News Notifications for breaking news stories.
  • Trusted News: 250+ top-tier news publications.
  • Offline News: Fetch trending news and read news offline.
  • Awarded Best News App.
  • Best of 2013 (Japan) – Apple.
  • Best App of the Year, 2013 (Japan) – Google.

Latest Breaking SmartNews App For Android

Latest Breaking SmartNews App For iPhone


Reddit News-Apps

If you want to dedicated news and entertainment Reddit news is the perfect choice for you. Reddit is a popular Android Apps combines social media and news magazines. Reddit offers you millions of topics that you want. The biggest advantage of this Reddit social media, you can access anywhere on Reddit without an account.

reddit news

Reddit is the world’s most engaged community in the social media world. You can find the most trending breaking news here. You open an account and subscribe to news related subreddit, you will see here hot trending braking news. Overall it’s a piece of great news and magazine apps, no doubt about it.

Why use Reddit?

  • Trending content ranging from news headlines to funny memes.
  • Post, share, vote, and discuss.
  • Create your own feed by subscribing to subreddits.

Reddit App For Android

Reddit App For iPhone


Microsoft News

Microsoft NewsMicrosoft News was previously known as MSN News now it’s available in the Play Store named Microsoft News. The Microsoft News software will give you a smooth news reading experience.

Microsoft news

it’s designed in a way that can easily navigate people and it’s very lightweight that will not slow down your mobile phone. MSN News will give you breaking news from the source of all the news of the world.

Why use Microsoft News Apps?

  • Tailed interests in all platforms (Microsoft edge and com).
  • Night mode.
  • Smooth and seamless transitions.

Download Microsoft News/ MSN News for Android

Msn app for iPhone



Flipboard RSS feed reader android is one of the popular apps for news reading. Award-winning free news apps and it’s different from other news apps. Daily million people using Flipboard. When Flipboard RSS feed reader android first opens, it tells you to select your topic which you like । It’s will show that topic which you to want.

flipboard news app

Flipboard will give you a different amazing feeling of news reading । There is no news app in Software like that Flipboard RSS feed reader android it gives you a stylish and aesthetic user interface. Its page layout design makes it easy to navigate। The kind of news you like, it tracks it and gives you similar news. Flipboard design for mac/ios and android.

Why use Flipboard?

  • An elegant magazine-like interface.
  • Follow friends activity.
  • Follow friends activity

Download Flipboard for Android

Flipboard for mac


Inshorts news application that represents the latest and best news from multiple national and international sources and presents it to the news reader. Inshorts One of the most popular Android News Apps for short news.


Inshorts is such a great news reading software that easily reads newsreader news shortly. The works of inshorts are such as that it presents the news reader’s timing of a full news article.

Why use Inshorts?

  • All videos now play just above the text.
  • No need to go to the screen next.
  • Your bookmarks and likes will always be stored.
  • Just login with FB and re-read when bored.
  • We also quashed what we call a bug.
  • Then sent this release and felt all smug.
  • CNN Breaking US & World News.

Inshorts news application For Android 

Inshorts news application For iPhone


If we are missed any of the Top 10 best android news apps for android free download, tell us about them in the comments section.

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