Oreo Android Latest Android Version-Oreo Android 8 Features.
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Oreo Android Latest Android Version-Oreo Android 8 Features.

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Android platform or operating system In the name of Dessert is very interesting, and users take it positively. That’s the reason this version of the operating system has been named “Oreo Android” or “Android O”. Last year Google has released these Android versions.

Oreo Android Latest Android Version-Oreo Android 8 Features. 1

But still many Android phones have been not updated. Many of the phones will never get updates android 8. The new version adds a lot of new features to Android O. Which really makes the Android phone smarter.

Oreo is the smartest android OS ever released in Android. It is said that this operating system is for everyone. From the hard fan of Android to the new user, there are some surprises for everyone in this Android OS. Not only have that, who are thinking of switching to the iOS platform had a surprise for them.

Oreo Android 8 Features

Exactly with the previous version of Android, the difference will not be seen very much because it has been android oreo updated with more backend. Let’s talk about some interesting features of the Android Oreo version.


Boot Time

The booting time is the device’s power-up time, as soon as it is better for the user. Additional booting time is annoying. Google claims Android-powered smartphones will boot faster than ever before. This version of Android smartphones can be up to 50% faster than other Android version powered phones.

That means, your phone will take up to half times getting power on from before if it is updated on Android OS 8. Android O tested boot time on Google pixels has been faster than 50 percent, so it is possible to work on other devices.



The picture in Picture Mode Another interesting feature of Oreo Android. This is probably the best feature of Android Oreo. Although this feature has been found on Samsung devices, this is new in Google OS. But this feature is already on Android TV, it is now connected to the Android 8.

You can on floating windows and work in with another application. The floating advantage is a great feature in one word. Apple’s “Picture-in-Picture” option was introduced for iPad users Android users’ will be able to use it.

Notification Dots

Notification dots

Like Apple’s iPhone, Android-powered smartphones can also see the notification as to the dot in the top of the app’s icon. It is the advantage So that all kinds of apps are not coming from the notification.

Users can now access the notification instantly with long presses in the app. Not need to pull the notification tray from the top. Then you can access it by tapping the notification.

Notification Channels

Smartphone users can be disturbed by many unnecessary notifications. Notification can be easily managed, it has the advantage of Oreo.

Notification Channels

Google has done a great deal of research on smartphone-notification about the choice and reflection of user’s. Can you block the notifications from different categories of your choice. The phone’s notification panel and quick settings panel have been redesigned in this version of Android.

In previous versions, the entire android oreo themes in these two places were dark. Now the theme of the notification panel and Quick Settings panel is changed to the light android oreo themes, that’s not right in my opinion. Because it was better as it was before.

Autofill Framework

Password Autofill may have you in the previous versions of Android. Latest Android version has a special advantage in password management. This password autofill required third-party password manager to work Such as the LastPass or Enpass etc. But this version of Android has been given as Password AutoFill in Native Feature.

Autofill Framework

That means, for now, you do not have to use your third party app for Password Autofill if you are an Android user. All the sites and apps password that you saved with Google Smart Lock on Google Chrome browser on your PC or smartphone, those usernames and passwords will autofill up the Google when using that specific app on your phone.

So you do not have to type the username and password in the trouble, and no third-party password manager will also need to use it. Android oreo new feature has been designed to simplify the new device setup and to synchronize passwords. However, Android oreo new feature will not be supported first on all devices.

Smart Text Selection

Smart Text Selection

Using Google’s Advanced Machine Learning Technique Oreo Android will be able to select text and identify it as an address, e-mail ID or contact number. Then the text’s options will appear. Users can tap long into text within the address and the OS automatically selects the full address.

System Optimization

Oreo Android will enable apps to run faster and smoother. This search giant’s runtime has changed. In addition, there have been many more optimizations including Connection compact garbage collection, code locality.

Downloadable Fonts

Oreo Android

Many do not like the default font of the phone, but many people want the new dimension. But the previous versions of Android did not have the opportunity to change the font. To change the font, the phone had to be rooted and the route was a bit of disquiet.

You do not have to route any more for a change of font. In the new Android OS, you can easily use preferred fonts for your phone. Google will add options to use their free fonts so that the font package can be downloaded and used.

Adaptive icons

The icon has been updated to show more precise and concise look at all types of mobile devices. Developers will now be able to create an icon that will show this new operating system differently, for example, Square, Circle, and others Custom OEM’s based UI.

Adaptive icons

You can easily select the default or round, square or any other shape for your icon. This system icon will interact with the animation. And they will be used in launchers, shortcuts, and settings.


At first sight, many updates of the latest Android version will be seen. Of course, not much difference will be with Nougat.

Oreo Android

But there was a massive change in settings. As before, the settings were divided into a large category, it has now been gradually reduced. The issue of a small example will be clearer.

Previously the network, Wi-Fi, Hotspot are in separate categories, but now all these will be under Network and Internet category. As a result, the benefits will be as well as a neat and clean set in the category. Besides, WiFi and Bluetooth data will now have dropdowns.

Settings Page Redesign

Those who use Android nougat (7.0) they know that how much looks bad of the settings page. Android nougat’s settings page is also very nasty. But this version settings page is fully redesigned. In this version, the Android settings page is much more organized and interesting to looks.

Display Resolutions

Oreo Android

There was a change in display resolutions in the latest android. The previous version of the Android version was 1.86: 1. The typical Wide Screen cinematic standard.

But some mobile devices such as Galaxy S8 or Note 8 were also aspect ratio 18.5: 9. And there is no default aspect ratio in the Oreo Android. The aspect ratio of the device will now take it as default.

Dropdown Menu

In addition to the settings update, Google has brought a more neat and clean look in the dropdown menu. Display Brightness, Advanced Night Mood, Do Not Disturb, and many more dropdown Oreo Android features can easily be customized to you from the mini menu.

Battery Improvement

Battery stability is always a big challenge for Android. To increase battery life, the background app has been given special attention to the latest Android. Google has restricted background processes in this Oreo Android to increase battery life.

Running app access to the background will be limited, but it also has the option to off. As a result, more data will be saved than ever before. This will increase battery life and the maximum RAM on the device will be free.

Pin Apps Shortcuts

Oreo has got the convenience to keep a pin app shortcut. New options for creating shortcuts are also available. You can pin the app shortcuts and widgets in the launcher from within the app. There is also a new option to add a specialized activity to help users create shortcuts.

New Design Emoji

Many of the messaging people love to use emoji. Keeping them in mind, the new collection of emoji has arrived in Oreo Android. After working around one and a half years for emoji, Google is open to user-friendly emoji phone. They will be more user-friendly.

New Design Emoji

Emoji has been given a new look in Android Oreo. In the previous Android versions of the emoji that you are with familiar, the emoji is not in this Oreo android version. The newest emoji is given that many of them will love it, many do not like. Although I am liking it and I felt better than before.

Google Play Protect

Google Play Protect

This is a new Android security feature, by which Google will provide the latest security on your Android device. If you continue to the latest Play Store, then surely you will be watching the Play Store while installing the app “Verify by Google Play Protect” line is written.

This means that the app is fully protected, tested by Google. Not only when downloading an app from the Play Store, but this system will also always scan your device and check if the malware activation is being done. You will first get this security feature with Oreo Android.

Bluetooth Audio

This version of Android Google has focused on Audio Performance. Oreo Android users will get better Bluetooth audio experience than other Android version users. In this Android version, Google has provided some built-in audio codecs that are user-replaceable.

That means you can change the Bluetooth audio codec as you wish and while playing music on Bluetooth devices, smartphone music can change the wireless audio communication protocol accordingly, by changing the codec. As a result, you will get a better audio listening experience.

Battery Status Bar

There’s more to do without phone calls in smartphones so, therefore, it is quick to consume power. The user is always checking how much the cost of the battery is and how much it remains. Previous Android versions show battery status in graphics or bar.

Although Google had previously given the battery percentage for some unknown reason, it was taken away by Google authorities. Finally, Android Oreo returns with the percentage of battery in the Android status bar.

Unknown Source

Android is a warning when installing an app from unknown strangers or unknown sources. To access the settings and allow to install an application from unknown sources.

But From now on you will not be able to give permission only apart from this, the app will be required to download the apk file. For example, if an APK file is download via the Firefox browser, then the browser must be given permission then app permissions.

Wide Gamut Color

Oreo Android update to pictures and video colors. Wide gamut color technology is being used in android version 8. This will show pictures and video colors more vivid. This feature will work with the wide-gamut color capable display. New Android version feature wide-gamut color for Android TV.

In all, there are some eye-catching features in Android ‘O’. Oreo Android features, Custom Launcher is adding Android to its stock in Android. It is expected that Android will respond very well to the market and users will be satisfied using it. Discuss your thoughts on Android Oreo and give your comments.

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