Best Chromebook Apps List For Chromebook OS
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Best Chromebook Apps List For Chromebook OS

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Chromebooks are basically a notebook operated on the Chromebook OS. There is no offline software like Windows, Linux or iOS. Almost all work can be done with the Google Chrome browser so when it is turned on Google Chrome is launched. To do the necessary work, Chromebooks has a Google Store and there are all useful web applications for you. Here are 2.5 million Chromebook Apps for Chromebooks notebook. So you do not need any offline apps for work.

Chromebook Apps

The Chromebook OS  is lightning fast and very smoother its boots in a second without any hassle. Huge android apps in Chromebooks for your productivities. Here you will find Cloud Programming Tools, Photo Editing app, Notes, Audio, or Video from All kinds of Apps. But you will not be able to edit professional photo editing or professional video editing with Chromebooks.

To pick the best Chromebook Apps list, you will have many times to be nested. So for you, we’ve made the best apps list for the Chromebook.


Life means not only work and work but also for the sake of working for peace, as well as the entertainment arrangement and in the virtual world and it is regarded. Entertainment and a part of life. There is online entertainment for watching movies or listening to music. Below are some online entertainment details.

Chromebook Apps Netflix

The movie is a hobby among many favorite hobbies. Many people watch movies on Netflix because Netflix itself produces its own Netflix movies and Netflix series.

Chromebook apps

Netflix is the perfect choice for you if you find something good to watch online movies. Movies, Shows, series are all types of content are available on Netflix. As well as working on a desktop, The Netflix app works well on Android phones.

You can save your favorite movies, series, and shows offline with Netflix. This is the ultimate movie app for Google Chrome Book.

netflix download

Chromebook Apps YouTube

Watching videos without YouTube remains incomplete. On YouTube you will find all types of videos, including trending video and a learning video, you can easily browse from your Chromebook.

Chromebook apps

Chromebook OS is exactly the exact copy of Android OS. Using YouTube in Android, you can use YouTube as well as Chrome in the same way. The Android web app will allow you to save offline videos.

See what the world is watching, gaming, entertainment, news and more from hottest music videos and subscribe to your favorite channels, share with friends. You can watch YouTube at no cost but if you want to watch YouTube without ads you will have to pay.

YouTube Download

Chromebook Apps Spotify

Everyone loves music and probably you likes music and everybody uses the music player to play music. All music players have web applications and Android apps.

Chromebook apps

Spotify online player will give you a different experience listening to music. You can do other things in the other tab as well as listening to music with the Spotify web player.

Spotify gives you access to huge music libraries There you will find millions of music from here, you can pick and list your favorite artists. You can make playlists of your favorite songs using the Spotify search engine.

Disadvantage using Spotify web player

Many Chromebook users complain about the Spotify online player that during playing music time. Its Show Boring advertisement, advertising is very annoying and the Spotify online player in the slow internet connection does not work very well.

Spotify Web Player  Download 


Many people hear the name of a Chromebook, maybe it cannot be done with productivity work, but it is not true at all. If you know what you need it will be a lot of work for you. The latest update to the Chromebook has increased the effectiveness of offline apps usage. Below are the details of some apps that will increase your productivity.

Chromebook Apps Microsoft Office

Most people work with Google Doc, but there are some people who like to work in Microsoft Office. Thanks to Google Chrome for adding Microsoft Office to the web. Microsoft Office which is available on the Chromebook is no less than an offline Microsoft Office.

Chromebook apps

You can install Word, PowerPoint, and Excel on a Chromebook. The most attractive feature of Microsoft Office, it will backup your documents to the cloud, never lose your files. There is no change in the interface of Web MS Office and Desktop MS Office. MS Office is specially designed for tablets or large screens, so it works great on a large screen and works well.

The Chromebook’s default keyboard will give you an Amazing Experience in MS Office. If you want to use Microsoft Office on a Chromebook, you only need to use the Office 365 account. The worst thing about the web ms office is that you need to have a net connection to use it.

The money you spend on using Microsoft Office in Mac and Windows, Google Chrome will save your money. You can use the MS Office suite for free if you want more powerful features, then you will have to buy an Office 365 subscription.

Microsoft Office Free Download

Chromebook Apps Google Drive

Many people have difficulty using MS office, they have user-friendly office and storage apps Google Drive. Using Google Drive, you can create all your documents from one place and keep them in cloud storage.

Chromebook apps

You can view and share your files and folders very quickly by inviting anyone. You scan all your paper documents with Google Drive, you just snap a photo of your receipts, letters, and statements, along with Google Drive, and it will save in pdf format instantly. You can use it up to 15 GB free.

Google Drive Download

Photo Editing

Photo editing is one of the biggest disadvantages of Chromebook But for the last few years, they have been trying to overcome these weaknesses. You will not be able to edit a professional photo with your Chromebook. Still, you can do simple photo editing with your Chromebook. Below are the details of good photo editing apps for Chromebook.

Chromebook Apps Pixlr

There is no need for a lot of powerful PCs for photo editing now because there are so many Web-based photos editing online software available. Online photo editing is at the top spotlight online photo editor pixlr. One of the worst aspects of this is that Autodesk added some annoying ads to it.

pixlr download

The best thing is that if you find something to do as like a Photoshop, it will not disappoint you at all. Online photo editor pixlr completely web-based and you can use it for free. Edit photos with photo editing pixlr online and get amazing feelings. The pixlr features will satisfy you for general photo editing.

Pixlr Download

Chromebook Apps Polarr

Polarr is designed in such a way that it works correctly with Android, Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, and Chrome. You can use the Polarr online version with your browser.

Chromebook apps

Photos editing pixelr has all the features needed for photo editing. It’s simple but pretty cool for the best free photo editor. The best photo editing apps in the Chrome Store are available pixlr editor is the better one.

Photo editor pixlr user interface and controls are very easy and perfect for anyone who can easily grasp it. There are all the cool features in the pixlr editor but some advanced features are locked in a free version.

But there is no reason to think that the free version does not have good features. If you want to taste the feature of the pro pixlr photo editor online, you will have to pay $ 24 a year.

It will reduce your cost of $ 100 per year (Lightroom per month $ 9.99) compared to the Lightroom, it is cheaper than Lightroom but more effective. You can download from the free pixlr chrome store and take a unique experience of photo editing. If you buy this pro version you will not be disappointed with the pixlr photo editor online but you will be fascinated

Polarr Online

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