What Is A Web Server? Apache Web Server And Apache Download
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What is a Web Server? Apache Web Server and Apache Download

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Web server is actually software, when a particular web server software is installed on a computer, it will have the ability to serve the webpage. Apache Webserver or Apache HTTP Server is a server program that uses the HTTP protocol to serve web pages.

What is a web server?

There is many more web server software, but Apache software is the most popular, and your favorite seeandroid uses the Apache server. Anyway, in this article I have discussed something about the Apache server, from here you will know, what is the Web server and Apache server.

Normally the server is able to access all pages from the Internet to your computer browser. So what is this “webserver”? Actually, “server” means no giant computer ware, not even a single computer.

So “Server”. It is basically a software program that works on HTTP protocols and reaches to web pages of users requesting. It does not require a huge computing system to operate, it is possible to run a simple USB drive (Pendrive) with XAMPP server software.

The computers used to host the website, they must have the necessity of installing the server program. However, those provide you website hosting services they have many dedicated computing facilities. They have server applications such as Apache, IIS, or NGINX installed on their large computer. Or server build-in operating systems such as IIS (Internet Information Server), or Ubuntu Linux, is also possible to provide server services.

Apache Web Server

However remote computers that can primarily serve the requested files to the client computers, they are called a server computer. It’s easy to say, your or my computers are client computers, and this means that the requests are sent from these computers. The computers that accept requests from our computer and send the requested files, those computers are called server computers.

Briefly, the webserver is an environment in a computer that is specially prepared to run any website. The HTTP server is the type of web server that serves webpage on HTTP protocols. For example, when you enter the address of the browser to visit the seeandroid, your computer has sent a request to the HTTP protocol to contact the seeandroid server, the HTTP server generates pages for you and has sent you, now you are watching this page.

Web server examples

There are different types of servers such as Web server, NNPT server, Database server, FTP server, etc.

Web Server

A web server is a kind of server that sends HTML or CSS or PHP files associated with hypertext to a client host, in brief, It can be said that any website where on Hosted that place is called web server or web hosting.

IIS server

IIS server An extensible web server created by Microsoft. IIS server supports HTTP, HTTP / 2, HTTPS, FTP, FTPS, SMTP and NNTP.

NNPT server

NNPT server, its full name Networks news transfer protocol or NNTP server. This is the server’s Through the Internet, you can read the news and publish any news.

Database Server

Database Server is a  kind of server, that lets you use this server to collect and store different online resources. It provides web content and many services. Different types There are database servers such as MY SQL, MS SQL, ORACLE, IBM, etc.

FTP server

One type of file transfer protocol in the network is FTP and it is used as a way to transfer web-based files. Web-based files are also part of a network. The full form of FTP is File Transfer Protocol. In a word, the File Transfer Protocol (FTP) is a network protocol standard that is used to transfer computer files between clients and servers in a computer network.

The servers that have to serve the files that are an FTP Server and today many ISPs (Internet Service Providers) use an FTP server. FTP servers used only for file transfer. The large file is also hosted on FTP servers.

FTP servers use ftp: // or ftps: // instead of http: // or https: //. And every web server has this FTP facility, so that it can be easily shared in Sarver.

What is Apache Web Server?

Apache is basically a web server software, which is controlled by the Apache Software Foundation and is free software with open-source software. And without the Apache, there are many server software, for example, HFS, FileZilla, Annex, or Lite HTTP, but the most popular among all the Apache. About 67% of the world’s web servers run on Apache.

Apache Web Server

Why is the Apache Web server so popular?

This is an important question, why is the Apache Web server so popular? Indeed there are many advantages of using Apache Web server. The first reason is that it is free software, with open source, that means you do not have to pay even a single penny, whether you use it personally or commercially.

There is much free software but not the Rich feature, but the Apache software is completely different, it’s a complete software, which has all the features. With its open-source code, you will be able to make customization or development. The important fact is that, since the software has been released, developers have been regularly updating, with security patches and new features are added regularly.

Apache Feature

Apache supports server modules, this means that you will be able to install different modules to increase this function, it will not need to re-program the entire server software. For example, if you want to add different security features or want to edit error messages, you can easily do it.

Another important advantage is that an Apache server can handle many websites at virtual environments together, meaning that you will be able to host multiple websites on a server. It uses the GZIP compression method to increase SSL, CGI, virtual domains, TLS, and web page performance.

There are some remarkable features of the Apache server.
  • IPV6
  • XML
  • FTP
  • Perl, Lua, and PHP
  • Bandwidth throttling
  • WebDAV
  • Load balancing
  • HTTP/2
  • .htaccess
  • Multiple Request Processing modes (MPMs)
  • URL rewriting
  • Session tracking
  • Geolocation based on IP address

Although Apache was originally designed for UNIX environments, more than 90% of the installations were run in Linux. So its support community is extremely large. However, it is available for other operating systems like Windows. So you can understand why this is such a popular web server software.

You can get the solution by searching Google for any problem. I am just searched in Google and got the 90%  Solution in here.

Apache Download

There is no more say to about of the Apache server. In a word, you will get all the features that will you need for this software. You can visit the Apache official website for apache download. apache web server for windows, you can comment any questions about Web server or Apache Web server in the below.

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