What Is Android Marshmallow? Android Marshmallow Review
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What is Android Marshmallow? Android Marshmallow Review

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Marshmallow comes from the mallow species plant. Marshmallow is a kind of dessert made from sugar. The ingredients used for this dessert are Sugar, gelatin, water, and air. Google’s popular mobile phone operating system, Android’s Sixth Reform, is called Android Marshmallow.

Data protection and battery backup are the best feature marshmallow android. Marshmallow “is a sixth version of the Android mobile operating system. Its first screen was unveiled in May 2015. Its code-named Android M. officially released in October of 2015.

Android Marshmallow Feature Review

Currently, 13.3 percent of Android users are using the Android M operating system. In this, they have focused on making the battery lasting through a new feature called ‘Doze’. At once, the security system has been strengthened.

While downloading any application, the app can use any of the smartphone information, it can be easily set up by users. Especially from this version, the ‘Now On Tap’ feature will be added. As opposed to added ‘fingerprint authentication support’. But not all smartphones can be found at this facility. This service can be found only if there is specific hardware.

There is also a Google search feature on the lock screen. Swap to lock screen and show microphone icon and this icon can be used in Google search. Battery saver feature will be able to increase battery life by decreasing the performance of those apps that are used too many batteries.

The phone’s display will be locked, but the notification can be seen. There are quick settings and status bar options to quickly change the phone’s settings. This operating system has the chance to hide in the status bar information.

There are many features of this member of Google’s Android family. Let’s now discuss the main features of Android 6.

Google Now

One of the features added to Android 6 operating system is ‘Google Now On Tap’. One of the coolest features of the Android operating system is this Google Now feature. Now on Android 6.0, you will get the upgrade as Google Now on Tap.

Google Now

With this feature, you can use the Google Now feature directly from any app that is running. If you want to use this feature, then press and hold the Home button on any running application.

To activate the first time you have to follow a few steps shown on the screen. The feature button will start working only after the Home button long press. This feature will create a Google Now overlay on your running app and it will be ready for you to use.

Not only that, if you are a Watch movie and Google Now Tap is launched, Google Now will show you detailed information about the movie from the internet and when you listen to any song, the Android from the internet will be shown to you as a readymade form.

Chrome Custom Tabs

Generally, when an app is running then need to search something, what do we do then? Minimize the app, turn on browser search and return to the app again. It is a task of troubles. But marshmallow for android only offers custom tabs on Google’s own Chrome browser.

If you need to search, without leaving the app, a Chrome tab will be launched on the app. It can also be swiped away and can be picked up again if needed. But below that, your app will continue to run. Instead of this feature, the Android Marshmallow OS brings to a separate chrome Custom Tabs for a user.

Chrome Custom Tabs Utility

Basically, This tab system to reduce the hassle of running the browser. These custom tabs have all the features of the normal Chrome browser. For example, automatic Google sign-in, password auto-fill, location access. The tabs used for different purposes it’s will become out with the necessary buttons.

For example, Pinterest’s website will run on the custom tab, and the Pinterest share button will come with an, In brief, you do not have to run the browser again and again for your search. Google’s operating system division makers believe that it will play a special role in keeping the phone’s dynamics is used.

Battery Standby Time

Fast phone battery charging Runout, it’s a major problem of the Android operating system. So Google has added special features to Android OS to fix such charge problems on smartphones.

Battery Standby Time

The previous Android Lollipop tried to improve the battery backup of the Android device but it did not have much success. Google will be successful in improving battery life through the Android Marshmallow doze feature. To increase battery standby time, a feature called M Doze has been used.

Keeping the phone out of use for a while, using your device’s accelerometer, gyrosensor, your phone will automatically understand that you are not currently using the phone frequently. Then the phone will stop all background processes. As a result, your standby time will increase.

Two Nexus 9, one with Android L and other with Android Marshmallow, When performed in a standby test, it can be seen that marshmallow for Android is the double backup from the Lollipop.

In Android Marshmallow, you will get a separate menu for this Power saving mode. You can keep the apps you need free from this power saving or can directly disable this Power saving feature.

Fingerprint technology

Fingerprint technology

Many smartphones have already added ‘fingerprint or finger lock’ to their own device. But Google has added smart fingerprint features to their new Android version to make Finger Print system more secure and usable. As a result, an additional level of security for Android devices is added to the Android Marshmallow.

This allows you to transfer money through a fingerprint scanner with an Android OS powered smartphone. Apart from this, access to Android Pay users will be available directly. With Android’s own services as well as all other app passwords, this fingerprint technology will be available. This feature will bring new security in the phone lock system.



The new Android will support the new USB standard. USB type c new USB standard USB cable can be linked to any side can be connected to the USB port. Micro USB port as well as support USB type C port. So Android will make the use of USB devices faster.

The speed of data transfer speed and charging speed in USB type counts will be much higher than before. Google said Android devices USB type C cables will be charging three to five times more speed than micro USB.

App Permissions

App Permissions

The emergence of Google Android marshmallow is going to be more secure than any other Android operating system (Before Marshmallow). Search giant company is coming with new app permissions system. To install any app on the device that’s app will how much information will be accessible on the phone, the user will be informed about this.

Android App Permissions

This app Permissions system will be divided into eight separate sections. In this system will make more secure for the app user. Now you can turn on or off the permissions of almost all apps specific to the toggle option. Earlier such as opportunity was not in this feature. While installing an app you could see the permissions of the app but could not turn on or off the specified permissions.

Various beautiful screensavers are available on the internet and you have a choice of such a beautiful screensaver but there are permissions to access the internet, and for this, suddenly you see different types of advertisement on the lock screen. You can also solve this problem, go to Screensaver settings and can be turned off advertising Permissions.



Android Marshmallow many new features than the Android operating system Lollipop. An Android operating system will be added a built-in app “Android Pay” for Money transactions.

With Android M, Google launched its own mobile payment system, Android Pay. Through this, you can shop using your mobile. Which can be used at a minimum of Android 4.4 [KitKat] operating system later on. However, the app has been added for the first time in the Android marshmallow in the android version.

Direct shares

Direct shares now easy to the Android operating system, one can easily share files stored on the phone via social media such as photos or music files without login any social media sites.

Boot Animation

Boot Animation

With the new operating system marshmallow in Android, the change has come with the boot animation shown during phone shutdown or open. Where four colored rounded marks are changed in various ways until the shape of the Android logo.

Links Identity

Links Identity

When we click on any link anywhere within the mobile, there is an open with box. There we have to manually identify the link. But this thing is changing at marshmallow in android. But this thing is changing at Android marshmallow.

The phone will recognize the link itself and accordingly open the link with the app. For example, clicking on any link on YouTube will show you a video in the YouTube app.

Automatic Backup And Restore

Automatic Backup And Restore

The data and user settings of all the apps installed on the phone are backed up to 25 MB of space in Google Drive. If needed can be Restore done by chance your phone is lost, there are no problems. Your phone information will be safe in Google Drive.

App Drawer

App Drawer

Google makes the new operating system easier and user-friendly to make the app editing feature ‘App drawer customizable toggle. Where users can keep the necessary apps in separate categories.

So that you can easily find an app without having to do many options. Traditional side by side card view instead of the app drawer, the Android marshmallow is a virtual app drawer. You can now scroll up and down without scrolling one side to another side.

Ram Manager

Ram Manager

Android Marshmallow has been provided with an effective built-in RAM manager. This feature allows to easily monitor and control’ RAM usage apps, All over phone performance, everything can be easily monitored and controlled. You have to do not any task manager download for RAM management.



From the beginning of the material design, we see that the systemUI background is always white. But the Android marshmallow has the advantage of the optional dark background.

If you do not like the white color, you can use a dark color. Google’s operating system has been added to the dark and light theme. For the use of dark and light themes you have to go Settings > Developer Options > theme and Choose.

Copy Paste Improvement

Copy Paste Improvement

It can be said that Android has copied from Apple’s iOS. Because the Android 6.0’s copy-paste system is very similar to iOS. If you have highlighted any text, then a copy/paste search popup toolbox will appear on it.

That one comes on top of the screen, it will now come on top of the text. With the upgrade of this feature, we can now make the copy paste work easier on Android OS. If you have two Phone with Android 5 and Android 6, you can take compare that feature.

Security Check

Android Security Patch Level

Android OS is open source, it sometimes sees different types of bugs. Google has always tried to solve all the bugs. Google Release a security patch every month on the Internet.

Now from Android 6.0 you can check the security of your Android device directly and upgrade. You can also check the Android Security Patch Level from the internet and upgrade your settings.

Google Settings

Google Settings

Android users must know all about Google’s own applications. Android users are already aware of Google’s ecosystem. Google has made several changes to its ecosystem in every Android update. Android Marshmallow has brought some changes to Google ecosystems.

All the settings of Google’s apps you’ll get in one place, that’s feature name Google setting. This Google submenu is located in Android settings. Now you’ll get all the settings of Google’s app in one place, it will save your time and you will be easily able to find the right settings for the right time.

Smart Lock

Smart Lock

Android Marshmallow has a new feature that’s named “Smart Lock for Password”. Through this feature, we can easily remember our difficult passwords. The new feature will be available at Settings> Google> Smart Lock for Passwords.

Through this feature, all your passwords will be stored in the Google cloud on your primary Google account. If you sign in with the new device with your account, then you will get the old password settings. You will also get the Auto Sign-in feature in the same place. By using the right one, you can have full fun of Android.



Many Android users will already know about this feature. Like the previous version of Android, this Android Marshmallow has a built-in droid game. Which you can unlock with just tab several times in Settings> About> The Android Version.

Android Marshmallow Official website

Then the Android Marshmallow logo will appear on your screen and you will go to Flappy Bird’s Android version. How was the discussion of today’s about Android operating system, of course, you would like to give your valuable feedback, we respect your opinion.

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