What Is Cloud Game? Best Cloud Gaming Services

What Is Cloud Game? Best Cloud Gaming Services

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If you are a gamer or have some interest in gaming, you may have to hear many times the word of cloud game. video streaming ,cloud computing are almost the same. That’s means, these are not the same matter, but their working of way is the same.  

This cloud gaming concept is so Innovative that many may believe it will be the future of steam cloud gaming. But how true is that and How does work this cloud game? Today I will discuss this topic.

 What Is Cloud Gaming?

I said before, the issue of cloud gaming is related to video streaming and cloud computing. In this case, it is easy to say that cloud gaming is a system where a game runs on cloud gaming server and the gameplay is actually streamed like a video on any other remote computer or device.

 What Is Cloud Gaming

But the game’s inputs – Gamepad Keystroke, keystrokes of the keyboard, mouse click etc. are all sent from the remote device to the server. In other words, cloud gaming is basically a game to run on a powerful gaming server, and playing a game or controlling the game, sitting in your own PC or any other device. Cloud gaming is just like sitting on your computer and playing any other computer.

How to works cloud gaming the concept is so much simpler. Nowadays if want to play any high-end game how Kind of hardware is needed? Maybe needed Core i9 Extreme Edition processor, 32GB RAM, GTX 1080i graphics card. Whatever you need, suppose a high-end gaming system has been created using this high-end hardware and this system is used as a server that connects people play to games.

This high-end server will run the virtual game and only a video of the gameplay will be streamed on the device that is playing the game. But he will control the game with his remote device. It’s just like playing games on another computer on your computer. Now you may be definitely understood the relationship between Cloud Gaming and cloud computing.

Different companies have different systems for cloud gaming, but the main concepts of all are basically the same. That’s it, to run a game on a powerful remote server and controlling the game from your device.

A famous GPU manufacturer for cloud gaming his own service its name “NVidia GeForce Now”. With this, you will also be able to play high-end PC game such as GTA V, Fortnite or PUBG etc. in your low-end PC using Cloud Gaming Technology.

Free Cloud Gaming For Pc

In the present time, there are many types of free cloud gaming for pc. These games are very popular for its support low-end PC.

cloud gaming services

playstation.com: it’s not free but there has a trial offer. You will be offered a 7-day trial, after To play you have to pay there are have an over 600 games ready to play.

NVidia GeForce Now: A famous GPU manufacturer for cloud gaming his own service its name “NVidia GeForce Now”. It is still now in the beta testing stage.

Parsecgaming: Here you can just open the account, download and install client software and play it.

Microsoft Azura: The Microsoft Azure gives you a full 01-year trial.

Cloud Of Games

Cloud Of Games

Normally it maybe likes a question “what games are in the cloud of games?”. It actually depends on which service you are using as like Microsoft Azura, NVidia GeForce Now, playstation.com, Parsecgaming  These websites are offering different games according to their own service. Then you will find popular games almost all of the Cloud Off Games sites.

However, it seems to be exciting, but there is nothing to be so excited. Because there are some advantages and disadvantages of cloud gaming. Let’s talk about the advantages and disadvantages of cloud gaming.

Cloud Games Of Benefit

From the previous discussion, it is easy to understand the benefit of the cloud games, but we are discussing some major benefits.

High-End Hardware

After all the cloud game is not running on your system it’s running on Powerful Cloud Server so you have not to need a high-end PC. Because your PC is only being streamed as a game playable video that runs on the cloud server. If you want, you can play all the high-end games Smoothly on your dual-core and 2GB RAM laptop with cloud gaming.

Cross Platform

Your system is not able to run the whole cloud gaming, rather your pc just playing cloud game streaming gameplay video. So there is no requirement that the game will be supported on your operating system. You can play Cloud Gaming with any device. You can enjoy cloud gaming using Windows, MacBook, iMac and many other smartphones even smart TV. The most popular gaming platform Steam is going to release a cloud gaming app that will run on Android and iPhone.

Instant Playing

Many high-end games take a lot of time to download. There are a lot of games, It ’s has required to download 50 or 100 GB game files for game playing. However, cloud gaming does not require downloading a big size game file. Because the game has already been downloaded and installed on the cloud Server computer. You can directly connect to the server and instant playing the game.

Difficulty in Cloud Games

Cloud gaming has many practical advantages, but there are many disadvantages that can completely Unstable the concept of cloud gaming. For example,

Fast Internet Connection

Think of yourself, how much faster internet connection is needed to the control Cloud Games. It is running in a remote cloud server and using your device input. Cloud gaming requires high-speed internet and huge bandwidths.

Video Compression

You may know that while streaming online video, each video is compressed or rededicated quality for that good stream. For the cloud gaming, the video from the cloud server computer to the gameplay is streamed to the remote device this video is compressed.

The original quality of this compilation game reduces slightly, which ensures a more responsive performance. But in the case of cloud gaming, you will get minor video quality compared to native games, though this is not a big issue.


Piracy is an integral part of the cyber world, Games, software, and piracy is there in the film industry. Piracy is unexpected. Yet piracy is a blessing to many because they do not have money. Whether you have the money or not, you cannot make piracy a cloud game. Many cloud gaming services are available in the free.

Cloud Gaming Futures

After knowing so much of the advantages and disadvantages of cloud gaming, it can be assured that the advantages of cloud gaming are far more and difficulties can be easily fixed. However, considering video compression, there is a lot of difference between native gaming and cloud gaming. After all, these differences can be redefined with the help of advanced technology and must be reduced.

cloud of games

Finally, it can be said cloud gaming is undoubtedly an Innovative concept. There are many opportunities to make it more impressive and exclusive in the future. Big industries like NVidia and Steam have already started taking many steps for cloud gaming services. Yes, cloud gaming may be the future of true gaming, but it requires a lot of time.

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