How to Bass Boost in Audacity

If you would like to bass boost songs in audacity, or if when you think that an audio track needs some essential finishing touches, this the software from it. Also, learn about How to Bass Boost in Audacity with how you can get this free software, and also where it’s the key features that you need are based on developing a catalogue of activities you can do in your free time.

The first thing you need to do is to download the Audacity app and install it on your computer for Bass Boost in Audacity. Before downloading, kindly check to see if the version you are downloading is compatible with your machine.

For instance, if your device is Linux-based computers, you would need to check the distributor’s repository and for some old versions, also get their source codes and user manuals. Older versions of Windows, such as Windows XP, you can find audacity on the legacy windows download page.

How to Bass Boost in Audacity

Also check How to Bass Boost in Audacity for the latest version, since the developers often develop up-dates that add new features or improve the ones already established.

However, for windows, you need to note that only a 32-bit application is available, but it is compatible with 64-bit systems. You should also not pay for the app because it is available free, and one does not need to register for anything.

You can find how to bass boost in audacity the application on the audacity website and download the dmg — file, which is approximately 40 MB.

Now That You Have Finished Downloading

Install the application, and the following are the steps you need to follow to Bass Boost Songs with Audacity. The reasons for Bass Boosting your music are numerous, and whatever your goal, the process is straightforward, and since the software is free, you can do it at any time.

Steps for Bass Boosting with Audacity

  • At first step, you need to download a compatible version and install it onto your computer.
How to Bass Boost in Audacity
  • Open the application and proceed by importing the song you want to bass boost. To do this, first, locate the file tab and click on it. Then continue to open, and a folder option will appear. GO to the location where your songs are saving, and choose the sound file or song that you want to bass boost.
How to Bass Boost in Audacity
  • In the step, you will then click on the effects tab on the audacity application, which is locating at the top of the form. After clicking on the Effects tab, you will see a drop-down menu appear.
How to Bass Boost in Audacity
  • Scroll downwards, and you will see the normalize settings. It is the setting that is used for bass boosting.
How to Bass Boost in Audacity
  • Click on it. A small window will found on your screen. This window contains all the available options for Bass boosting and the level of normalizing that you would like your song or sound file to have.
How to Bass Boost in Audacity

The recommended standards settings are often set between -9.0 and -15.0. All the same, if you do not have a preference towards these settings, you can adjust using your mouse to the level that you prefer and then click ok to set this as the new setting.

You will note that after you have changed the settings, the waves of the song observed in the application will now appear smaller as compared to when you first imported the song or sound file into the audacity application in its original format.

How to Bass Boost in Audacity by Going to the Effects Tab Once Again

Step for is the most important and is what you need to bass boost the song or sound file. Above the drop-down menu that will appear, scroll down and go the “Bass and Treble” settings.

  • Just like in step 5, a small window will pop up on your screen. This pop-window has the available option that can you will use to bass boost your song or sound file. It usually finishes with adjusting the bass and treble levels.
How to Bass Boost in Audacity
  •  However, for optimal results, first set the treble standard to zero. This is done by clicking on the treble level interface window and moving it down to zero. After you have done this, proceed by adjusting the bass level until you get the degree that you prefer. May recommended Bass (dB) 10 and treble zero level (dB) -1.0
How to Bass Boost in Audacity
  • Before setting the standard, you can use the preview with also learn how to make a track quieter in audacity button, which is available on the application to listen to the song or sound file, and determine whether the settings you have chosen fit your needs.

Check these versions audacity, FL Studio, Adobe Audition, Studio One, Ableton Live, REAPER, Ardour, Pro Tools before you start downloading it.

How to Bass Boost in Audacity

After Choosing the Bass Level and How to Bass Boost in Audacity

  • The final step requires you to export the new put on bass boost song or sound file you have changed. It is effortless, and all you need to do is to first click on the File tab at the top of the audacity application.
How to Bass Boost in Audacity
  • On the drop-down menu that will appear, click on the Save button. After clicking on save, a small window should appear, and on the window, the bass boost in audacity click ok. After clicking ok, your new song or sound file will save in its new Bass boosted format.
How to Bass Boost in Audacity
  • Proceed by exiting the audacity, and you can also increase volume audacity application and going to the folder where you saved your new Bass boosted song or sound file to enjoy your song.
How to Bass Boost in Audacity

Teach How to Bass Boost in Audacity your songs using audacity is very important for people who enjoy listening to good music. It allows, and this will not increase volume audacity you the option of changing the song and making it better to fit your taste and preferences.


Furthermore, the audacity application is How to Bass Boost in Audacity free to download and does not have a lengthy registration process like other bass boosting applications. It is also available for almost all devices.

There is no bass-boosted sound effect reason why one should listen to low music levels when the app offers an avenue to refine one’s music choices to their preference. So, with the how-to bass boost songs, go on and get the application to enjoy a new, improved music experience that is sure to brighten you your day.

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