How to charge phone battery without phone

Learn other simple ricks that can help you optimize your phone battery so that you do not need to charge it often since it is both time consuming and a waste of valuable electric power. 

Imagine you are in an emergency and your phone goes off when you urgently need to make a mobile call or send a text message. 

How to Charge Phone Battery Without Phone.

You did not carry your charger, or by bad luck, it got lost, or it falls and breaks. If you do not know alternative ways to charge your battery, you may find yourself in a tense situation, and it is, therefore, essential to learning how to charge a phone battery without a charger.

How to charge phone battery without phone

In this article, we will look at a simple trick that can be useful in such situations. Additionally, the need for sustainable energy resources means that innovation is a necessity. We are to clear up the world’s energy problem and by learning these simple ways.

You are learning to harness alternative how to charge an iPhone without charger energy sources which will ultimately be useful in the future. People who want to find out how to improvise here are a few methods that one can use in such situations.

Method 1 for How to Charge Phone Battery Without Phone.

How to charge phone battery without phone
  1. First, you will need to remove How to charge phone battery without phone. It means that you will have to remove the back part of your phone and take care not to break the phone covers since it might lead to additional expenses. All these brands support this : Google,Samsung,iPhone,OnePlus,Huawei,LG,Nokia,Sony,HTC,Motorola!
  2. Once you have removed the phone battery, check for charging connection points which are usually brown terminals on the top or bottom part of the cell. For the AA batteries, they are marked with a + sign for the positive terminal and a – sign for the negative terminal. In mobile phone batteries, the terminal closest to edge is usually the positive terminal while the furthest from the edge is the negative terminal. The center terminals on the phone battery are mainly used to temperature regulation and will therefore not be used for this exercise.

Now You Will Need to Find Charging Components.

  • How to charge phone battery without phone you can use AA, AAA, or 9-volt batteries. The main reason why these components can using that the power in these energy components is similar to that used in the phone battery. It is what is referred to in physics as the law of conversation, and you need a charged energy source to charge the mobile phone battery. You should avoid sources of alternating current, such as power in sockets since if the amperage or voltage exceeds the battery’s capacity or circuitry, the battery might be damaged.
  • Make sure that the energy source batteries have enough power to match that of the phone batteries. Most phone batteries use 3.7V. A single AA or AAA battery carries 1.5V so one can choose to use multiple AA or AAA How to charge phone battery without phone batteries or instead use a 9V battery that has enough power. For this exercise, you will require 3 AA or AAA batteries which are to be connected in series so that you will have a total voltage of 4.5V, which all carriers carry this method to support: AT&T Mobility, Verizon Wireless, T-Mobile US, Sprint Corporation!

Find Two Metal Wires to Connect Energy Source Battery to the Phone.

  • Battery Cables should be insulated, and only the ends should be exposed. It is because the wires may get heated when the charging process begins. Tape one end of the cable to the negative terminal of the energy source and tape it to the negative terminal of the phone battery. Likewise, tape the other wire to the positive terminal of the energy source batteries and the others end to the positive terminal of the phone battery.
  • Let the battery charge for a while, and although it might not get fully charged, it will have enough charge to help make a phone call or send text message.

Method 2 for How to Charge Phone Battery Without Phone.

Let’s assume that your phone battery How to charge phone battery without phone dies off when you are camping or taking a hike. You do not have an alternative energy source such as AA batteries, and you need to make an emergency call. How do you proceed?

How to charge phone battery without phone
  1. Just like in the first method, you will need to remove the phone battery from the mobile phone.
  2. Next, proceed by rubbing the phone battery between your hands to generate heat by mean of friction.
  3. Rub the battery for 30 seconds or more. In this process, the cell generates charge all by itself, although it is less as compared to when one uses AA or AAA batteries. 
  4. Phone batteries made of lithium and frictions excites the lithium-ion cells, which collide and generate electric energy. The chemical reaction inside the lithium-ion cells becomes more pronounced as the temperature rises, and one can rub the battery for longer, the better the chances of getting the battery charged according to the Arrhenius equation.

How to charge phone battery without phone noteworthy that for this exercise.

We used the example of a phone battery. The above techniques can also be used for other devices such as camera batteries. One can also use more than 3 AA or AAA batteries without risking damage to the phone battery since they use direct current, unlike other energy sources that use alternating current. The critical point you need to understand is that you are directly transferring energy from one battery to another.

It continues How to charge phone battery without phone advancement in technology. There are also other ingenious methods of charging a phone battery without the phone.

That is being developed such as phone recharge using sounds of 100db to generate 50mV of electricity and iFans, and there are still a few hurdles in these innovations that need to overcome before they can be applying in real-life situations.

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