how to block a number on zte cell phone

There are several ways that this can be done. In this article, we will explore them. It is up to decide the most efficient method how to block a number on zte cell phone calls from a specific number on any Android ZTE phone. Most people who own mobile phones may encounter situations. Where someone calls you for no specific purpose or calls you and then hangs up.

It can be both scary and time-wasting. The creators of ZTE mobile phones have the option of blocking ZTE block numbers. There are several ways that this can be done. In this article, we will explore them. Up to you to determine the most efficient for how to block a number on zte cell phone method.

Simple Guide How to Block a Number on Zte Cell Phone

how to block a number on zte cell phone

Unlike some mobile platforms, with an inbuilt option to block numbers. If you have numbers that keep nagging you and you do not want such people always to bother you. Learn how to block a number on cell phones using the following simple steps.

  • First, you can try using contacts to block calls. Contacts have an app called Name ID. Which is used to block calls and can also be used to file a complaint to your network provider? However, this depends on the area or network coverage in the area. So if you do not get the option of filing a complaint, there is no need to worry.
  • Continued investments in mobile apps have also created many apps for sale. Which can be to block incoming calls for specific numbers. But, for compatibility purposes, try using the inbuilt phone app store. Go to the app store and use specific search words to narrow the search, such as “blocking the app.” Phone call blocking,” “call blocking,” and you will get apps available for your phone. It is an ingenious feature that most smartphones have, and one can also use it to get apps for other purposes.

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Methods for iPhone User How to Block Your Number

For iPhones, go to the settings feature on the home screen. Scroll to the phone settings and go to the call blocking and identification feature. Go to the call icon and press, OK, and you will find the block contact option.

Select the peculiar phone number you would like to block. They will not be able to contact you either by phone call, face time, or even text messages. You can also try using the phone app, which is a green icon on the home screen of your phone. 

Proceed by tapping on the recent calls icon, which is a small icon at the bottom with a clock symbol. Scroll on the number you would like to block and tap it to reveal the blocking caller option. Make your way down to the “block this caller” option. Which is usually at the bottom of the menu, tap on block contact. You will not receive phone calls from the number you selected.

Working Tips: How to Block Your Number for Android

how to block your number

Learn also how to block a number on zte cell phone and other Android phones. Recent calls, long-pressing on the phone number you would like to block. You are then choosing to add to the reject list. You will not receive phone calls from the specific phone number you selected. 

This feature is, however, not available for all phones, but it an easy option is if your phone has it. So you can try it and if it is not possible, try any of the other techniques.

Steps By Step Guide: How to Block Your Number Other Smartphones

Also, learn how to block your number on popular Android-based smartphones. They also have a blocking option, which allows you to prevent specific numbers from contacting you in the phone settings. Turn on your phone and go to the settings menu. After locating the settings menu, scroll down to calls, and hit the “OK” button.

how to block your number

Go to “call reject” and then select the “call reject list” option. Enter the number you would like to stop receiving calls from an unwanted person. This option is available for popular zte cellphones and LG smartphones. Such as the LG Shine and also Google, Samsung, iPhone, OnePlus, Huawei, LG, Nokia, Sony, HTC, and Motorola!

There are also instances when you do not want to receive phone calls. You don’t wish to have a specific number to call you. But instead, you are in a meeting, or conference or your time is limited.

Learn how to stop you from receiving phone calls and text messages for some time. It may be for a few minutes or hours when you are busy. Most mobile phones have the do not disturb option. Go to settings, then sound and notifications, and select the silent profile. They do not disturb the profile and block any incoming calls or messages. It is, yet, temporary, and when you disable this feature. Revert to the general profile, and you will start receiving calls and text messages.

Calls block works in all carriers AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile US, and Sprint Corporation. 

Effective Tips: How to Block Your Number Tracfone App

Using the call detector Tracfone app. download the app and select the numbers you do not want to receive calls from, and they will not be able to contact you. The call detector app has other features, which, for instance, allow you to block scam calls.

Block calls help you determine who is calling (telemarketers and debt collectors). Disallow private numbers from contacting you. The option of reverse number lookup. So that you can know who is calling you at all times even when they are not saving in your contact auto-reject list.

You can block incoming calls and text messages using any of the simple ways explained above. Also, note that you can also unblock a specific number at any time if you wish.

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